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  1. StonesCat

    *****Official Cubs 2020 thread*****

    Sticking with YTTV meant I saw three games this season, with the Cubs losing every one horribly. Between the putrid offense and dead atmosphere of baseball w/no fans, I've never thought I made the wrong choice. The season was made for radio, which gave the illusion of normality at least.
  2. StonesCat

    "Trump is dividing this country"

    A good chunk of this country couldn't even identify 3 of 4 of these "agitators", so I'd say Trump's reach is a little more vast.
  3. StonesCat

    New Rasmussen poll out, with a twist. you can't see the numbers

    There are about a half dozen polls that are doing some form of tracking, along with the daily polls, that have Trump in roughly the same zone of sadness. Then look at Rasmussen.
  4. StonesCat

    Sadly, I think Trump will win again

    Apparent Republican strategy: Ignore polls, fundraising, and every other empirical point that shows why Trump is in trouble and claim he's looking good.
  5. StonesCat

    PSA - The Athletic $1/month It's worth it to anybody who likes sports at the regular price, let alone a buck.
  6. StonesCat

    Sadly, I think Trump will win again

    Yard signs are more an indicator of old people, anybody under the age of 45 hasn't used them for years.
  7. StonesCat

    Chicago Style Pizza

    The Tomaso's order should have been Detroit style. That's their ace pick. I go back and forth between Zoey and them. Zoey Chicago is much better, but I like the sauce (and the Detroit) from Tomaso's.
  8. StonesCat

    Ed Podolak praises Big 12, pans Big Ten

    I'll praise the Big 12, SEC, etc after I've seen the whole movie. Saying they've got it all figured out the week of their first game doesn't mean much to me. Who knows right now if the conferences that held out will end up being the smart ones in 6 months?
  9. StonesCat

    YoutubeTV Adds NFL Network, Red Zone
  10. StonesCat

    On my way home from work today.

    I've seen stories about it over the last few years, but most campaigns figured out 10 or 20 years ago that yard signs, bumper stickers, etc. had no tangible effect on votes. It's a 20th century model in the 21st century world. Now it's all about social media. During the Iowa caucuses this...
  11. StonesCat

    Is the Trump silent majority still a thing?

    Republicans that think there is some kind of black vote out there because one or two high profile AAs support Trump make me laugh. I'm reminded of the Shining when Jack says, "You've got a big surprise coming..".
  12. StonesCat

    Judge voids 50,000 absentee ballot requests in Iowa county

    I'm happy you feel that way, but GTFO if you think Republicans share your feelings. It has worked on me, though, I enjoy the mail in balloting in Iowa, but I'll be damn near standing in line to vote out the clowns when early voting starts in October. No more of this nonsense.
  13. StonesCat

    FFS how does Hy Vee not have a mask requirement

    Honestly, between the three I’m in most often along northern CR, I’ve thought it’s actually stayed pretty strong. There was a time a couple months back where it started to drag, but after that I would say 70ish percent, at least. Maybe time of day makes a difference.
  14. StonesCat

    Songs with Back in the title

  15. StonesCat

    *****Official Cubs 2020 thread*****

    National tv is the Cubs kryptonite. I’ve been just fine listening to the radio feeds, twice seeing them get shelled now.
  16. StonesCat

    The end of Mike Golic in the mornings on ESPN

    You answered your own question. The Cowboys get good ratings for hosts whether they're good or bad, they've got a national brand. Same reason why Cowherd leads with Dak stuff so much, and back and forth shows like Skip and Shannon always talk about them.