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    Connor McCaffrey

    That is a meaningless statistic. It hugely distorts the true ratios because colleges & universities, even jucos, provide the minor leagues for all other sports but baseball, and in a limited, different manner hockey. Professional basketball & football conduct their drafts from college players...
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    Connor McCaffrey

    You have no clue about what you are posting.. There was a time when wrestling coaches tried to claim that their sport suffered because of money going to women's programs under Title IX. The data on financial support for athletes has been published over & over again, and conclusively shown that...
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    Connor McCaffery leading state in hitting

    Abit more complicated. The poster above who said the limits go back to typical SEC teams' efforts to get around limitations on the number of football schollies was correct. But their cheating didn't involve baseball or any other sport except basketball. The rule is that football has priority. A...
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    Connor McCaffery leading state in hitting

    HUGE Philadelphia Phillies Phan. A passion he shared with Bo Ryan.
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    Cook Might Be Our Best Chance At Recruiting A Point Guard

    Might be a good idea to deal with your own overbearing arrogant ignorance before offering to instruct anywhere other than the post-natal nursery.
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    Cook Might Be Our Best Chance At Recruiting A Point Guard

    Please cease these dumb uninformed blatherings about baseball; bad enough that you constantly display your ignorance about hoops without trashing truths about a game whose basic playing rules and practices have survived and prospered for 150 years. People who know the game are aware that stats...
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    2015 NCAA Top College Revenue

    Wrong. The Gannett/USA Today categorized data from the NCAA to reach a false conclusion, one that does have a clear, direct AND false implication in regard to the use of student fees to subsidize the Iowa athletic department. Iowa until a few years ago did allocate a share of the Student...
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    Ott case moving on to NCAA

    As to your first contention that Ott doesn't meet the criteria, while it is true, it matters that it was his coach and trainers who are responsible for using Ott briefly in three games after his injury---twice after it was obvious even to the stands that in the first attempt he was so...
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    Drew Ott

    My information is that the BT did NOT rule on Ott's additional year of eligibility: in essence, they passed the matter on to the NCAA because while Ott took part in too many games during his senior season, he was only in several briefly due to the injury. And while the BT felt it couldn't make...
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    Bench Stats, Last 5 games combined

    These scrubs should not be the focus of criticism. Direct that at a coach who manages consistently to destroy the rhythm and cohesion of a team of experienced, unselfish players. For 90% of last night's game---just as in the indefensible game mismanagement of the Penn State debacle---McCaffery...
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    The New WBB Recruiting Thread

    Another view; hopefully anticipate Oakhawk's response. If (praying) Ty Harris chooses Iowa, Bluder, Iowa City, the close team bonding, a chance to build a legend here, she not only contributes comparably to Sam Logic, but with more talent & depth than Sam 's Hawkeyes , Harris teamed with Davis...
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    Going out on a limb!!!!!

    If it is prediction time, I'm going to sneak by without a guess at thr outcome----other than to note Wisconsin usually plays hard, plays smart..and if that isn't enough grabs & pushes every Hawkeye uniform including ones being worn by cheerleaders (Bo may be retired, but he left behind his...
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    2015 NCAA Top College Revenue

    Don't put faith in these numbers; Typically USA Today, like all Gannett newspapers, manages to simplify the truth away. It isn't even possible to determine what year the data is for---but probably FY 2012 given that is the last fiscal year that the NCAA has received the data & reviewed it. Also...
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    Next 3 months (and whether Oklahoma gets what it wants) could determine Big 12's Future

    Why do you yourself in successive paragraphs? You prattle moronic nonsense about football in paragraph 1; then yell loudly about how wrong your adversary is for babbling a bout football. Far better that you end your tiresome string of 100 plus posts in this episode of Little Brother rants...
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    Next 3 months (and whether Oklahoma gets what it wants) could determine Big 12's Future

    No, it is your statement that is wrong....blatantly false in your hyperbole. The facts are that no conference has or ever will offer admission to anyone until extensive negotiation have concluded successfully. Like the cliche says, it takes two to tango. There is zilch evidence and even less...
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    Next 3 months (and whether Oklahoma gets what it wants) could determine Big 12's Future

    Being a major research university is a critical priority of the Big 10 Universities, and all members were among the 62 major research universities in the nation. No one can say for certain but without it it is unlikely but not certain that the BT presidents would have acted affirmatively in...
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    Do we still hate Illinois bb?

    The distortion never ceases. Bruce Pearl was an assistant coach who Tom Davis brought with him in a relationship that began with Pearl as an undergraduate non-player at Boston College to Stanford to Iowa. His part in the Deon Thomas purchase by Henson-Collins was simply that of an employee...
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    I have 1 ticket for MSU Section KK

    What price are you asking?
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    In State Recruit Updates

    Yeh, while all the time spilling beer on mom's couch ignoring her pleas for ten years now to get a job, get a life, get rid of the beer gut, get a new address.
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    Say something nice about Minnesota

    It has raised the IQ level of Scandanavia significantly.