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  1. hawkcub

    Do you support spraying or tasing Restaurant Agitators?

    Completely agree with this. The people they seem to target are people close to retirement age or older. Chances of them doing something violent are remote. You never see them target the 20 somethings. I fear the day they do this to the crazy grandma that's packing.
  2. hawkcub

    DO vs MD

    Have a NP as my PCP provider. She is extremely thorough. Almost to annoying levels. Used to have a MD as my PCP. I feel she does a better job then him.
  3. hawkcub

    OT: No Fans, No Problems For Nebraska Sell Out Streak

    Most people who don't cheer for Nebraska have long thought it was bogus anyway. Really not that big of a deal.
  4. hawkcub

    Just a little humor

    I look at this year as it doesn't count for streaks. Because if no attendance or limited attendance. 42 years is impressive I'm at a measly 15.
  5. hawkcub

    B1G players re-entering for 2020

    What do they do with Basketball? The universities would have to figure out a way to maneuver in this. There is a way. If they would have stayed there would be 1 less scholarship anyways
  6. hawkcub

    $75M Deficit for IOWA w/ No Fall Football. Had planned on taking out $75M Loan. July 16, 2020 Story: IOWA #14 in Country in Total Revenue (5th in B1G)

    The athletic department is set up as a non profit. So they can't stash away 10's of millions away for a rainy day fund. You have to spend most of what you bring in.
  7. hawkcub

    Clemson vs. The Citadel today

    All past posts have been trolling in nature.
  8. hawkcub

    Clemson vs. The Citadel today

    It will be an upset if Clemson doesn't cover the 43 pt. spread
  9. hawkcub

    Do you care about the abortion issue?

    I'm prolife and I agree.
  10. hawkcub

    Republicans go on record: Should RGBs seat be left open for the next president?

    Leave it open. We are 4 months away. Will take 1/2 that in a best case scenario to get them confirmed anyway.
  11. hawkcub

    Just a little humor

    So the Big 12 is some overweight guy. The ACC is the hot girl next Door. The SEC is the dorky smart ass guy. The B1G is the hot and she knows it girl. The PAC 12 a hipster and the B1G's bitch.
  12. hawkcub

    Trump reaction to RBG

    So the complaint is he knew she died. Nothing wrong with his comment.
  13. hawkcub

    B1G players re-entering for 2020

    If you simply opted out. You should get to opt back in. If you signed with an agent but no money was exchanged you should be able to play. If you signed with an agent and money was exchanged the money would have to be paid back before you could opt back in. Furthermore going forward we need...
  14. hawkcub

    McConnell Says Nominee Will Get Voted On

    Very bad idea. I say that as someone who leans right
  15. hawkcub

    Houston v Baylor cancelled tomorrow

    So this is a local thing with Baylor. Either the Big 12 get rapid result test or Baylor is playing something like 4 games this year.
  16. hawkcub

    Just a little humor

    "I'd rather go to a 3 day Kevin Warren leadership conference" 🤣
  17. hawkcub

    MAC wants in now

    I think the ACC was the key. SEC was always going to try. Big 12 had 6 of their 10 in Texas and Oklahoma. Outside of Clemson wasn't a sure thing they would want to play.
  18. hawkcub

    MAC wants in now

    Corona Bros must be having a fit right now.
  19. hawkcub

    No fans

    I believe parents are allowed.