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  1. luvmyhawks

    WALSH: Nearly Everything BLM Is Saying About The Breonna Taylor Case Is False

    Pretty much this. Forget racism for a second and use some common sense. Government busts into home, gun owner protects his home, government opens fire and kills. Government moves on to next home. **** that shit. It’s ****ed up.
  2. luvmyhawks

    New COVID survival rates. Good news.

    T’s and p’s bro.
  3. luvmyhawks

    POLL: Should Trick or Treating Be Banned or Severely Restricted This Year?

    We will be out trick or treating. Like every year, the houses that want to participate will have their lights on. Those that don’t, will not. I suspect there will be fewer lights on then normal.
  4. luvmyhawks

    Wednesday 9/23 Practice Photos

    For some reason, we look really slow in these pictures.
  5. luvmyhawks

    OT: No Fans, No Problems For Nebraska Sell Out Streak

    Seems fair. Who cares anyway?
  6. luvmyhawks


    Really? A Florida thing? Here in Colorado, it’s everywhere. I would be really bummed if buffalo trace wasn’t readily available.
  7. luvmyhawks


    bulleit buffalo trace woodford reserve these are my go to’s in this price range. For the higher end stuff, angels envy and Breckinridge all the way.
  8. luvmyhawks

    U if I Athletics for All or Some ???

    Here is the great thing. In this country, you have the right and freedom to make whatever decisions you want. So boycott away. And, while you do that, tell me why it is ok to take away those same rights and freedoms from someone else.
  9. luvmyhawks

    Tuesday Practice Photos

    Or, @BigOHawk. Fast as hell.
  10. luvmyhawks

    Monday Practice Photos

    That boating accident apparently made him faster. He looks really fast in this picture.
  11. luvmyhawks

    The unanswered question of our time: is bigfoot real?

    Paging @soybean
  12. luvmyhawks

    The last time Democrats defended the Constitution

    Great. You just proved both parties are ridiculously hypocritical. If you weren’t already aware of that, you are a moran.
  13. luvmyhawks

    Paying someone to install tile

    I am also a weak sissy bitch that would rather pay someone else to do it. A buddy of mine has set tile for about 20 years and is really good at it. Well, about 5 years ago, we did my Roughly 400 sq ft. kitchen/dining room over a 3 day weekend. It took me 2 weeks to recover. That is some hard...
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    I would take 10 years in the nfl and gladly call it unbelievable. Good ****ing grief. Anyone that can make it 10 years in the not for long league should consider it pretty amazing, dontchathink?
  15. luvmyhawks

    Which is worse? Biden vs Trump edition

    Including singing
  16. luvmyhawks

    Jim Carrey to impersonate Biden on SNL

    Robin Williams is a good comparison. And, yes, they can both be a little over the top at times. However, I am a big fan of both.
  17. luvmyhawks

    Why the hell did this guy not end up dead?

    Should have tased his ass till he as convulsing on the floor.
  18. luvmyhawks

    Barta Played a Role

    is that you in the avatar mrs. Barta? If so, totally wood.
  19. luvmyhawks

    Threads That Start with Tweets Are Killing HROT for Me

    Yes. Super annoying. Add on the fact that my work blocks Twitter and I can’t even hover and see what the thread might be about.
  20. luvmyhawks

    No football is a good thing

    This is a joke, right? Please god, tell me this is a joke.