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    Coaches and COVID-19 [UPDATE 9/19: FSU head coach diagnosed]

    Wow has this thread gotten hijacked.....But in regards to coach Norvell at FSU, obviously is a false positive. He has been tested daily ever since the first test, negative every time. Staff, office personnel, and players are tested every other day, and no positives. Coach Norvell is at home...
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    Abilene Christian

    I think there next game is against Army
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    Is There A B1G Vote Today Or Not?

    The supposed first vote was 11-3 against. It takes 9 votes to get it changed back. I just don't see 6 of these presidents out of the 11 no votes changing back. They won't want to admit that they may have made a mistake...And Warren of course doesn't want to tarnish his image any more than he...
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    230 Today, Friday, Big Ten Network, 1980 Iowa Vs Georgetown. One of the greatest games ever

    In honor of Lute Olson, who sadly passed away, the Big Ten network is playing some of the great games he coached here. Tune in at 230 today, best game I've ever been a part of. If you get the chance tune in and watch! I'll never personally forget it, and then afterwards welcoming the team home...
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    Major offensive player considering a transfer

    Wouldn't they still have to wait on the NCAA to approve being able to play immediately?
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    2021 Prospects: Payton Sandfort (Decides October 1st; looks like its IOWA), Trey James (commits to IONA!!) & others

    With James, I'm most concerned with the quality of competition. He comes from a town of 600 in east Kentucky near the West Virginia/Virginia borders. Doesn't look like hes up against much talent wise in the videos. Too bad we couldn't have seen him in AAU competition this summer
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    OT: ICE Rules Impacting Student Visa Holders

    Its going to crush Arizona. They have 7 recruits for 2020 class, 5 of which are overseas players. These cheaters deserve it!
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    Will there be a season?

    I think the teams with the best amounts of depth will obviously do well. We all know there will be positive tests, and those players will have 2 week quarantines. So if you have a bunch of starters that can't play for a minimum of 2 weeks you better have some talented back ups.
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    Dillon Doyle to Baylor

    I hope he gets a waiver to be able to play right away
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    D.J. Johnson transfers

    I really think his comments on the Iowa staff have to be leaning towards, "I should get an immediate waiver to play this fall". The Josh Fields plan.
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    Jordan Oladokun

    Didn't he decommit because he had not been to our campus for a visit? Aren't on campus visits not going on until at least July? Then how can he make an announcement to anyone on June 21st. It doesn't add up. I think he's just being nice keeping us in the top 4 but I'll bet he's committing elsewhere.
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    Redshirt Freshman and True Freshman who will make an impact this year

    For the true freshman, I would say its how soon we get into any type of summer camps. Without that experience, I really doubt we see very many at all. Of course different story for the RS freshman that have been on campus a year
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    Iowa offers 2023 legacy TE Mac Markway, One of the Top Overall Prospects in the Nation for his Class

    6-4, 250 as a freshman. Played on a state champion team, man can that kid block. Gotta wonder if he grows into a OT
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    Wirfs dunk package

    Fran could have used Tristan to clean up some boards and set some nasty picks! Pretty darn impressive for a kid that was a wrestler, not a Hoopster. What an athlete.
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    Willie Shaw Announcing Sunday

    3 Star RB Willie Shaw, Brother Rice Chicago, is announcing his decision on Sunday. I think maybe we have moved on, haven't heard much on him? He has 3 schools listed as High on his choice on Rivals. Illinois, Nebraska, and Toledo. 9 total offers, Hawks were one of those, and looks like he...
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    POLL: Who's next to commit for Iowa?

    Unfortunately, he also made the same type of twitter comments when Cunningham committed to Minnesota. I was hopeful as well, but I really don't think it means much. But definitely keeping fingers crossed!
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    2021 QB Prospect?

    I haven't heard much on 2021 QB prospects that we sit well with. Just thought I'd ask since we've had this great run this week. I would think we will be taking one in the class
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    Gabe Wiznitzer

    We have Bohannon and Garza as seniiors this next at 2 schollys available going in, before any transfers