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  1. cheeselog8

    Do you support spraying or tasing Restaurant Agitators?

    I've got too much at stake to risk losing it all by engaging with these types of people. But go ahead and pepper spray them. I'm sure they will take very kindly to that as well.
  2. cheeselog8

    Do you support spraying or tasing Restaurant Agitators?

    Yeah it appears she was engaging with them, that's what I wouldn't do. Then I'd order another drink.
  3. cheeselog8

    Do you support spraying or tasing Restaurant Agitators?

    Ignore them. All they want is a response. And since my kids know that I support equality and justice for all, I would simply explain that I think these particular tactics are severely misguided.
  4. cheeselog8

    My SIL sent out an email

    Obviously you haven't seen my pornhub search history. Go ahead and post 'em mate.
  5. cheeselog8

    Anyone golfing today?

    Yep leaving at 2 today to hit the course! Gonna grab a six pack at the clubhouse and have my vape pen ready to go. Love these days.
  6. cheeselog8

    #PedoTrump is trending

    Dow Jones on Obama's inauguration date: 7,949 Dow Jones on Obama's last day in office: 19,827 I realize the Dow is not the only measure of the stock market but how did your 401k go down when the Dow went up 150% when Obama was in office?
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    Top 3 tailgaiting must haves..

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    Recent first hand Covid stories

    My wife is attending a virtual funeral service today for a co-worker who died from COVID late last week. Early 60's, had been in the hospital on a respirator for two weeks prior. His wife and son also caught it but fully recovered within a week or so.
  9. cheeselog8

    They waited “two weeks”.............

    Would. But I like em bitchy.
  10. cheeselog8

    Market way too hot, taking earnings off the table

    Loading up on CRWD today. Best in class product, down 8% today but had positive earnings yesterday and analysts are all raising the target price. Great long term potential IMO.
  11. cheeselog8

    NBA returning tonight

    Wow that's crazy. No matter what happens this young Suns team has me hyped for the future. It's been a rough post-Nash decade. Go Nets!
  12. cheeselog8

    NBA returning tonight

    The Phoenix Suns finish the restart a perfect 8-0. Still a longshot for Portland to lose tonight but if that happens....WE GOIN' TO THE SHIP!!!
  13. cheeselog8

    Biden’s V.P. Pick Is Said to Be Imminent

    I'm not giving them another click to copy/paste but the main post was about Pete Buttigieg. And the replies/comments were mainly focused on him being gay by what I assume to be adults that never matured past 6th grade. Like I said - trash.
  14. cheeselog8

    Biden’s V.P. Pick Is Said to Be Imminent

    Holy crap the comments on that site are straight trash. I realize internet message board, anonymous, whatever. Trash site for trash people.
  15. cheeselog8

    Official Braves 2020 thread

    Ronald and Freddie having themselves a day! And always feels good to see Harper pulled in the 7th-waving the white flag! (edit to say - I'm an idiot and forgot doubleheaders only go 7 innings but seeing him hit the locker room early hanging his head was great)
  16. cheeselog8

    Downtown Ottumwa where I live

    Chills is still standing, just closed down and was for sale last I knew. Great business opportunity for someone with a little entrepreneurial spirit!
  17. cheeselog8

    Official Braves 2020 thread

    One down one to go today. Hope our new #1 starter can get that W!
  18. cheeselog8

    Official Braves 2020 thread

    Braves are off to a good start, sitting at 9-5 with two losses coming in games deGrom has pitched. Losing Soroka is a huge bummer but they have an offense that can beat anyone on any given night.
  19. cheeselog8

    NBA returning tonight

    Time for my Suns to rise! According to FiveThirtyEight they have a <1% chance of making the playoffs!
  20. cheeselog8