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    Harvard researcher says Iowa, Alabama, two other states should 'lock down immediately'

    Let's see who can I blame today. You're pathetic
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    61 conferences are NOT playing football this fall; six are

    Yeah so now we can close down every time there's a new virus or a bad flu season. Now that's absurd
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    Favorite bowl game to attend in person.

    I was at the 2005 capital one bowl and that last second pastor Drew Tate beat LSU and Nick saban was heaven. I did enjoy last year's holiday boil beating USC and their snobby fans
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    Telling tweet

    so as a physician you're advocating for everyone to stay home until there's a vaccine?
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    Illinois Professor's Take on Cancelling Season

    yeah when they start having the initial model saying 2 million Americans are going to die from this the fear tends to stay. And then of course you have the news sites compound the fear so they can control the narrative and their hope is to control the election.
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    To those who think the B1G was correct to cancel

    unfortunately this is what I feel this whole thing is about is controlling a society at controlling a nation. Now we see how easily it can be done and it's quite scary in my opinion
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    Front page article with Iowa team physician

    yeah I'd like to see the statistics on long-term effects because there sure are a lot of athletes that have come down with it that are already playing again. I don't think you have a long-term lung damage if you're playing in the NBA or soccer. Of course and nowadays you don't need any facts to...
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    Chaos as schools try to reopen; COVID cases everywhere. Football anyone?

    Hey Chicken Little this is a sports site political grandstand for a bunch of whiners
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    Julie Waggoner and Maurice Goodson

    You do realize that that's a joke.
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    Kevin Warren/Bob Bowlsby

    Why are you such an idiot
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    Bob Bowlsby holding a press conference at 11 am today

    Wow you're a real humanitarian dude
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    Potential Cardiac Damage to College Football Players from COVID-19

    I might get hit by lightning tomorrow also should I stay indoors
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    Network News in SW Fla.

    I don't mean to be rude but you're an idiot. But if it makes you feel better in your very small narrow-minded world to think that Donald Trump is the reason the football season is canceled knock yourself out. Please
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    PAC-12 players may opt out of practices & games until demands are met in legal, written contract

    what these players are failing to realize is it if you want to get treated like an employee there are repercussions like taxes like if you don't cut it they're going to fire you and pull your scholarship. Better be careful what you wish for
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    5 more UI athletes/coaches test +

    curious or are you one of the hopeful ones they want to stay home until there's a vaccine
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    Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune about to weigh in?

    You're talkin about a berry big exception to the rule. but of course if you're on the negative I want to stay at home oh my God the sky is falling page then this is the perfect story for you. But that doesn't change the reality that is miniscule as far as the number of people to say to do...
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    Kids moving to Iowa to play football this fall.

    I'm sure they'll miss you
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    Will Luka come back?

    he is already turned down a lucrative European contract and said it'll be either the NBA or Iowa.