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  1. Reagan's Ghost

    Regarding Drew Ott..

    My sources have told me that he'll be back but that he will be moved to WR. My sources are strong. Take it for what it's worth. :)
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    POLL: 2015 Rally Cry!

    "Black and gold lives matter!"
  3. Reagan's Ghost

    The New WBB Recruiting Thread

    Re: Where's the WBB Recruiting Thread? Once again the war against women rears it's ugly head.
  4. Reagan's Ghost

    The Big Ten Tournament Doesn't Matter

    "This has been one of the most impressive, fun seasons in Iowa history." Either you're young or you don't follow Iowa basketball closely. This has been a decent season but far from, "one of the most impressive and fun in Iowa history"
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    Iowa Tourney

  6. Reagan's Ghost

    Vote for Samantha Logic

    hawkahawk , in light of this being only your second post ever, I'll give you a pass. Just an FYI. There's a long and rich tradition on Hawkeye Report boards (especially the OT board) that when a woman is mentioned in a post you ask for a pic. It's just what's done here. Lighten up and have fun!
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    Vote for Samantha Logic

  8. Reagan's Ghost

    Caption this photo....

    "With this one finger I can tell you if you have prostate cancer! Bend over!"