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    DJK has a new gig

    Is that in Ohio?
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    Caption This ....

    ZF was athletic freak but I believe was a bit of a head case
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    My 10 favorite Iowa b-ball players during my years of watching.

    I'm surprised more people don't have Greg Stokes and Kent Macausland on their lists.
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    the scheme on HBO

    I'm not sure witch covers it all.
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    Michigan State gonna Michigan State

    Izzo is the most overrated Head Coach in all of college basketball. His campus sits in the middle of arguably one of the most talent rich areas of the country with 5 stars begging for a scholly from MSU. He probably should have about six or seven NCAA titles by now based on the talent he's had...
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    My little girl

    Congrats Grandpa!!! Get ready for the most fun you'll ever have in your life watching her grow up. My oldest granddaughter and I are best buds. She is my favorite golf partner, kitchen helper/cook, chore helper, and probably the best kid ever, I may be biased, as you will be too, but watching...
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    Naismith COY Semifinalists

    Didn't know if I was looking at a Naismith poster or a FBI mug book.
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    Archie Miller and Sesame Street. "Now [Lunardi] can go back in the trash can where he came from.''

    The committee is probably using the same metrics as the prognosticators, so to not use that information in the selection process would be a bit short-sighted on the committee's part
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    Lets take a Poll and rank the Iowa players by performances. Part A

    If the question is you have 10 seconds left and your down 1 point whose hands do you want the ball in? I'll go with Garza, Kreiner, CJF, Weezy, CMaC, JoeT, Bakari, CP.
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    We control our own destiny

    How? Please explain.
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    We control our own destiny

    How does PSU finish ahead of us in the seeding if we're both 13 and 7 and we split the two regular season games?
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    Which Unit will be best

    There's been rumors of Garza being moved to tight end this spring.
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    Connor, the nation’s leader in assist-to-turnover ratio, did it all in 39 minutes of action

    Because Conner epitomizes everything true Hawkeye fans appreciate. A hard working, somewhat perceived unathletic, overachiever, who does the little things on the court that makes his team better. Come to think of it that is the true definition of a Hawkeye IMO.
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    Connor, the nation’s leader in assist-to-turnover ratio, did it all in 39 minutes of action

    Those are blue collar, bring your lunch bucket type stats. That's the type of guy you want in the foxhole with you when the bullets start flying. Anybody who knows any thing about competing would absolutely love to have CMac on their team.
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    2 stats that let Minny hang around

    I don't usually call people on spelling mistakes. Not sure why I did there other than I thought that you might be unfair in your assessment of Joe's mental instincts.
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    2 stats that let Minny hang around

    And spell check would help you, "metal instincts"
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    Does CJ Fred have NBA potential?

    I don't know about LG having the best shot at the NBA.I don't think any of the three, CJF,JW or LG play good enough defense right now to make it in the NBA. You can score 20 pts a game but if the guy you're guarding is hanging 28 on ya you ain't playing in the league for very long. I think JW's...
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    CJ Fredrick

    CJF is a throwback type player. Gritty type player who does the little things like grabbing a few rebounds, set some solid screens for Weezy and really lets the game come to him. I have heard some compare him to former OSU and Celtic great John Havlicek and I kinda see that. He also reminds a...
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    What happened during that 10 minute drought?

    Ryan Kreiner is our best passer
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    Question on These Three Home Games

    Lots of experienced players on this Rutgers team. Battle tested in the BI0 wars. This is the toughest game of this home stand.