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    Iowa State and Louisiana cleared to play

    Kirk went 11-2 in his 4th year, won national and BIG coach of the year, tied for the BIG title with national championship OSU, went to a BCS bowl, finished in the top 10, had 3 guys win national POY awards and was interviewing for the Jaguars job. It doesnt really seem the same as a handful of...
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    Kevin Warren's political priorites ride shotgun

    The real damage hasn't even begun. Tax revenues falling off a cliff due to Michigan Ave and the surrounding streets being boarded up from looting (2x) could very well be the end of Chicago as we know it. That area alone generates 40% of the city's tax revenues and without a bailout (which we...
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    Major offensive player considering a transfer

    ISM might be better off letting his resume speak for itself as is. A sub par season at another school due to leaving a new system, QB, etc. doesn't help his cause and is a pretty likely outcome of transferring. And that assumes anyone plays to begin with. Focusing on putting up good numbers...
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    PAC-12 players may opt out of practices & games until demands are met in legal, written contract

    Only 20 or 25 athletic departments are profitable, this is public information and reported annually by USA Today and other sources. Paying hundreds of athletes a salary in addition to what they already receive is probably unrealistic financially or without creating Title 9 issues. The Pac 12...
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    PAC-12 players may opt out of practices & games until demands are met in legal, written contract

    Wisconsin's AD generated $157M in 2018/19 and had expenses of $154M. When Alvarez said they would lose $100M he wasn't talking about having less profit, they could be in the hole $100M. How many schools are going to be willing / able to withstand that? I think the players should have the...
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    PAC-12 players may opt out of practices & games until demands are met in legal, written contract

    A very quick look but I think 8 of 12 Pac 12 schools lose $ on athletics. And these guys want 50% of revenues?!? Lol.
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    PAC-12 players may opt out of practices & games until demands are met in legal, written contract

    I think room and board are taxable. If they get paid, the entire scholarship would likely be treated as income.
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    The “Iowa Way”

    I wonder how Daniels would have reacted if Iowa decided to just clean house or if KF would have resigned.
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    PAC-12 players may opt out of practices & games until demands are met in legal, written contract

    I saw on the ESPN ticker they want 6 year scholarships and revenue sharing. Good luck with that. Also, do these guys realize that if they start getting paid to play their scholarships may become taxable?
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    The “Iowa Way”

    And again with a tiresome post full of unsupported accusations from the troll. I'll rely on comments from actual players and the independent review for my perspective on the Iowa culture and what needs to change.
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    The “Iowa Way”

    First, intolerant zealots like yourself are the biggest risk to meaningful change. You don't even realize how tiresome you are. Everything about your posts and demeanor is divisive and you do nothing to contribute to constructive discussion or change. Personally, I think your entire shtick is...
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    Will results on the field improve?

    I think getting rid of Doyle will improve the culture and the program will be better for it. Early indications are this is already happening. In the long run I think the result will be more wins as fewer players transfer out and more players truly buy in to the program.
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    "I always love guys from Iowa because of the culture they come from." -Buffalo HC Sean McDermott

    The more I read about this, including Lomax's interview published today, the more I think Doyle was a net negative for the program. Some players clearly seem to have thrived under his watch. That said, far too many did not and appear to be have been quickly cast aside by him. Its obvious he...
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    The 2018 report identified the problems that came out this year

    Also, per Iowa's legal team, the agency that performs the testing does not collect demographic data. Unless someone was hand picking the starters/regulars who were tested, it wasn't biased. This was in Howe's article or a similar one yesterday.
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    Maurice Flemming

    Seems unlikely all of these issues were made up out of thin air. But I'm sure you have a conspiracy theory all cooked up.
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    Maurice Flemming

    True, supposedly these things haven't been brought up until recently. That doesn't make moving forward with Doyle as part of the program viable.
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    Maurice Flemming

    Personally, I think Doyle had to go because he often crossed the line from being demanding into being demeaning. As a result, some (or many) players feared his wrath more than they respected him and the culture of the program suffered for it.
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    Doyle gone

    2 years I believe
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    KF in person press conference Friday 6-12 at 2pm

    The Hawk Central article on the legal issues for this is an interesting read. The allegations against Wallace, and Brian in particular, really complicate how to handle Doyle. If Doyle were to be fired and could prove they were treated differently (not fired) for similar actions, he would have...