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    Iowa Athletics True Nature

    ?? I think that's Pecker's point. Take more of that TV money to fund those programs -- instead of 5-star hotel accommodations in the football/basketball locker rooms, have men's/women's swimming.
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    Scheduling is not brain science .

    Brain science?
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    Virginia-Va Tech Sept. 19 game already postponed: You'll never guess why

    UVA - VaTech The season really is touch and go - with a handful of games already cancelled and and other match-ups skewed due to different levels of practice time and player availability - Ex-Navy vs BYU. You can argue the B1G should be playing come hell or high water, but it is not the slam...
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    Bad day for Little 12 FB

    Your previous post - "As much as I'd like to agree, at least their playing ball." And you want to talk EDUMACATION?
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    Time to Step Up

    You don't understand. These people don't care whether other people die because they are a-holes and they don't care whether they die because they've got sh*tty jobs and no one who cares about them. Watching 18-22 year olds play football and then jumping on a message board to get into pissing...
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    B1G To Start Thanksgiving Weekend Now?

    What's insane is what some of you people will believe.
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    B1G To Start Thanksgiving Weekend Now?

    While football sooner than later sounds good, it would be nice to coordinate with the Pac 12 so there can be a Rose Bowl. Haven't heard that the Pac 12 is willing to start before 1/1/21.
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    So it wasn't Warren

    Well I thought it was obvious. But the 11 Presidents themselves could tell some of these people it was them and not Warren and still people would blame Warren. In fact, I've blamed Warren's less than stellar messaging on him actually wanting to play but having to sell a message he didn't...
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    WBB 2020 postseason/preseason

    Sounds like we'll know in a couple weeks. Scenarios I say try to start on time. Knowing games may get cancelled/rescheduled as we go along, the sooner the start the best chance to get the most games in.
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    Will even Alabama play football this fall?

    Tell me more about how we should be playing football.
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    Sign the Petition to #FireKevinWarren

    The MAC/MWC (who cancelled before the B1G), PAC 12 and the entire FCS aren't playing. And the NCAA cancelled all Fall Championships. Every professional league in the world was cancelled/postponed. Vegas is empty because every convention has been cancelled. No state fairs. No county fairs...
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    Sign the Petition to #FireKevinWarren

    Well, every other event / sports league in the world has been cancelled or postponed for the last five months -- from Wimbledon to the Iowa State Fair. Most cancelling with no more than a two paragraph press release. (You know, because - 100-year f'ing global pandemic - kinda obvious) Yet...
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    Sign the Petition to #FireKevinWarren

    Democrats in the US even got every other country in the world to go along with their scheme! Then they convinced billionaire Republican MLB / NBA / NHL owners to postpone their season for five months and play in front of no fans!!
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    Kevin Warren's political priorites ride shotgun

    Look at all the tinfoil hats with Hawkeye logos.
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    Kevin Warren's open letter to the Big Ten community

    If I was Warren I would have added a "DUH!" at the end of the letter. Everything he lists is common knowledge and more than enough reason to postpone the season.
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    "I just don’t know whether there actually was a vote by the Chancellors & Presidents."

    To think that a Commissioner (new Commissioner no-less) overruled a majority of Presidents is silly. There was a vote - or at least a consensus, and that's how they went. Just like every every big decision the league makes. Stop believing everything you read online about vote count. They...
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    Just a matter of time.
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    Fire kevin warren petition

    Is it possible Warren would actually prefer to play? His job is communicate the wishes of the majority of the presidents/ADs. To call for his head is ridiculous.
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    Congrats to Kathleen Doyle

    Looks like Kathleen took out some frustrations tonight - 4 fouls in 8 minutes. :)
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    Do you know anyone under the age of 60 who's died from COVID?

    You fools in small town Iowa - alternating between Covid is not a big deal (it's a hoax - # of deaths are lies) OK, it's a big deal but (to use your dear leader's words) 'It is what it is'. You've been lucky so far because no one visits or leaves your small town, but you can keep your...