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    Aaron Smith, why no offer?

    I think it would be fun to see him, Keagan Johnson and Brody Brecht all torching defenses in a few years. Tracy, Ragaini and Arland Bruce IV should all be around, too!
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    Hawks out of latest AP poll

    Mississippi State should be higher and Texas should be lower, IMHO, based on watching them both this weekend.
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    Big Ten Restart GIF celebration thread...

    nm - I tried to post “The Carlton” from Fresh Prince. Epic fail
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    Iowa Hawkeyes put more players in NFL than USC, Wisc

    Even more shocking is Texas! They get nothing but 4 star talent and never have to travel more than 100 miles in one of the most talent rich states in the country. They barely even recruit and it is more like “picking” which of the best 25 Texas kids they want out of the 200 D1 available athletes.
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    Hawk fans are everywhere

    I think it is pretty obvious why the OP guessed at that. It is a picture taken in Oxford, MIssissippi. We have 1 player from the entire state of Mississippi - Brandon Smith.
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    Pre Season Coaches Poll

    After seeing Wisconsin’s schedule-particularly the cross-over cream puffs - They will end up higher. Only really play us and Michigan
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    Iowa could have 3 Offensive Linemen selected in 2021 NFL Draft

    I think Ferentz recognized “Great Center” when he was recruiting Justin Britt. That would be my guess to take over for Linderbaum
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    Hitch and Nieman

    Good stuff! Thanks for finding it and posting!
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    SIAP: 3-4 BigTen schools know they won't play football this Fall.

    So, if we go with a Regional schedule, I foresee MSU not coming to Kinnick and we wouldn’t go to OSU & PSU. Purdue and MN might be borderline but I don’t know how far they are by bus. I am guessing that it is 5 hours to MN from Iowa City. That sounds as far as most teams might be willing to...
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    Tom’s Fearless 2020 Forecast........

    Are we going to have a season? When in doubt, follow the money. College athletics depends on football to keep financially viable. There will be football games. Certainly games on TV. Not sure about the stands.
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    Kobe King not enrolling at NU

    Seems a tad short to be D1.
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    Merriweather is the starter now right?

    Major concussion, which is #2. I am not counting on Jack returning to the game of football. Castro, Craddieth or Moss seem to be the next man in.
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    Doyle gone

    Doyle will be hired in less than a week by a big name program that currently sucks (USC?) with "a zero tolerance policy, etc..." just my guess.
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    Backups for 2020

    I really doubt that everything gets shut down. I have zero input and zero expertise, but it really is sounding like the fatality/serious injury threat to 18-22 year olds, who are otherwise not compromised is quite small. If The risk is not minuscule, then the season will not Even be allowed to...
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    Best Iowa Football moments 2016-2019

    That was enjoyable. In the middle, I was thinking you could double the length of the highlights, just with big plays vs Nebraska that weren’t even shown! ( suck it, Debbie) There are several other plays I would enjoy seeing, (Jaleel’s safety) but great stuff, OP!
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    Desired position moves and/or speculation on transfers

    I think Sebastian Castro is too good of a football player to keep off of the field. He diagnoses plays very quickly and hits like a truck when he arrives. Maybe Belton starts out as one of the starting safeties in the 4-3 and Castro comes in to take his spot when we switch to the 4-2-5 as the...
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    Redshirt Freshman and True Freshman who will make an impact this year

    I have changed my mindset about trying to retain these freshmen’s 1st year as a redshirt year. If they are good enough to play, get them out there. So many really good players are leaving early, anyway. The freshman 4 games rule is a great rule for the kids that the staff wants to test, but...
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    What role will Oliver Martin play this year

    Scott Helverson was a guest speaker at a lunch group I belong to. This might have been 10 years ago, but I haven’t forgotten one of the things he said. He said if it weren’t for Bill Snyder, he would never have seen the field. Hayden Fry only wanted the fastest kids out there at WR. Snyder...
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    Iowa offers 2023 legacy TE Mac Markway, One of the Top Overall Prospects in the Nation for his Class

    I am really struck by the physique of this freshman compared to the older Fidone. Looks physically like Fidone is the younger, less developed guy!