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    Which would you rather have happen?

    i am an iowa fan but not a big iowa state hater so i watched some of the game. what a strange game--football without fans is not the same, lacks a lot of the excitement and passion. it seems so contrived that i dont have much interest in watching any more college football this fall. never...
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    Harvard researcher says Iowa, Alabama, two other states should 'lock down immediately'

    when analyzing data researchers use the occam's razor principle where the simplest explanation that accounts for the data is most likely to be the correct one. there is a covid pandemic and the number of deaths go up. the simplest explanation is that the increase in deaths is due to covid. of...
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    Harvard researcher says Iowa, Alabama, two other states should 'lock down immediately'

    you are not addressing the data at all. the best evidence throughout the pandemic that the number of covid death were not over counted is that the increase in the death rate has been greater than the number of covid deaths. this is solid data. again, our death rate has gone up more than the...
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    Harvard researcher says Iowa, Alabama, two other states should 'lock down immediately'

    you are wrong the answer is yes. the data is not hard to find, it has been out there for some time. in general, the increase in the number of deaths has been consistently greater or equal to the number of reported covid deaths. so yes, people are dying from covid.
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    B1G To Start Thanksgiving Weekend Now?

    dont forget the globalists and george soros- they are the puppet masters.
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    Kevin Warren's political priorites ride shotgun

    yes, yes, yes. we know warren's actions are all part of a conspiracy. just like: -the mass shootings were all staged. -the pizza shop was a portal to a world where hillary and her friends had their way with children. -seth rich leaked the dnc emails and not the russians the conspiracy...
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    Why do people continue to doubt a football season....

    colleges are giving on campus learning a try simply for economic reasons (the same reason they are giving football a try) ie enrollments will drop if they are strictly online. i think most faculty feel that the shit will hit the fan when students return and we will return to remote learning...
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    Wisky says No Tix fo You

    if having no fans in the stands (like nba, nhl and mlb) increases our chances of having an uninterrupted college football season, then i am all for it.
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    0% CFB happens this year

    so what is your point? ny's percent of covid deaths due to nursing home infections (21%) was the lowest of any state in the country and far below the mean for the us (43%)
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    Effects of Not Wearing a Mask

    not wearing a mask is simply selfish and adolescent. we expect that behavior among teenagers but not among adults.
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    Sounds like team will kneel for anthem

    i am an old white guy who served in the military and i will support them 100% if they take a knee in protest. (why would i ever think that taking a knee is protesting the military?) we have seen a kid "lynched" by some father-son half wits because he was black and the cold-blooded murder of...
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    Kirk Ferentz addresses the issues with a statement

    wow, been off this board for a couple of days (and dont participate in social media) and i cant believe what i am reading. dont know where to start. i have always admired ferentz and his moral standards- i cant think of finer man in the public eye. if his program shows racism, then i think it...
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    To those in charge..

    cant imagine a fall without college football, especially one without the hawks. rationally, i dont know how football can happen this fall. in phase 2 of trump's reopening of american, groups of more than 50 should be avoided. how do we get from groups of 50 to groups of 70,000? without a...
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    McShay touting Stanley ahead of Jalen Hurts

    always had a great fastball, its his changeup that's been erratic.
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    Riley Till is in Transfer Portal

    wow- i think the social isolation is taking its toll.
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    My nephew is a teacher in S Korea, and they....

    could you please post some links regarding "our leadership receiving so many compliments from legitimate Medical Experts on it was handled in this country" i just havent seen this and would really like to read this information if it is out there.
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    If the fall season is cancelled

    wow- i hadnt heard of this. it would be so strange to go to college football games in the spring. college football and fall weather just seem meant for one another.
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    Stay out of public places

    yes, i am afraid this is not going away until there is herd immunity (a large percentage of the population is immune) due to a large percentage of the population surviving the illness or the development of a vaccine. Both are probably a ways off. until then, every time a case shows up it...
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    Iowa vs Minny Line: IOWA -1.5

    i think they should mike us into the arena from our computers so we could cheer and be heard