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    Sketchiest motel you’ve stayed at?

    Hampton Inn in Sanford FL. Should of just been burned down period. Edit: used shampoo and soap in the bathroom, Door latch would not work properly to fully close the door. Breakfast of 3-4 day old bakery and coffee that was at leased as old. Owned by foreign people if you get my drift.
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    Favorite Movie. Ever. Period.

    The Good The Bad and the Ugly Dances with Wolves
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    Most older women have hot times so they don't get cold. "No offence Birch"
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    Covid and Iowa high school football.

    Surprised you’re not out in the country side throwing your old lawnmower and snowblower in a ditch. you are on here so much where do you find the time?
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    Any advice for disposing of lawn mower and snow blower?

    Front yard with a free sign on it. Will be gone in less than an hr I would guess
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    New Sales Person at work

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    New Sales Person at work

    Good guess
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    New Sales Person at work

    10,000 people in a SE Iowa town. Mt Pleasant maybe?
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    OT: 4 Iowa Women Swimmers file Class Action lawsuit claiming Iowa violated Title IX law by eliminating the sport

    So My question is: How do you just cut a signed negotiated contract of a coach if the said coach says hell no if you go to them and ask for concessions in that contract. Seams to me that then the coaches would turn around and sue the university for breach of contract.
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    Bohannon speaks....

    He was one of 7 on the BB team just in all athletes combined?
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    Arland Bruce has arrived & is practicing w/ Brody Brecht at Ankeny. As of now, INELIGIBLE to Play.

    So, was the court appeal hearing cancelled because Keating(sp) could not be there? Any developments?
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    Who here used to ride around in one of these sweet chariots?

    Buddy bought one of these. 25 squeezed into it and we went to buck night at the drive in theater
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    Daughter was exposed (Covid, pervs)

    Was notified by our pastor last Wednesday that a family attending the previous Sunday contacted him to say their daughter from college (who attended) has infected the family. Grandma called us today to let us know they all made it.Even the 82 yr old grandpa . Said he ran a temp and had...
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    Weekend Plans?

    Truck back from the body shop(touch up) think I’ll do some fishing tomorrow.
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    Covid and Iowa high school football.

    What's the significance of your question. Is there an age limit for posters? How old are you?
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    Iowa TE's

    This And coaching
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    Well say hi to your uncle for me. Just clarifying as to who OP was referencing. You now the term of assume references?
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    Who is Dallas?
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    OT: No Fans, No Problems For Nebraska Sell Out Streak

    Yep-who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Tuesday Practice Photos

    When do they put the pads on?