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    Joe Wieskamp should come off of the bench

    Whipping boy? Everything said about Joe has been completely fair. Nobody bashing him. Nobody saying anything that isn't true. I see him missing shots (as a shooter), fading away on shots, playing below average D, driving to the lane in the same way every time and losing the ball, playing with...
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    Is there One Person......

    No, but that doesn't matter one bit. Realities change, and expectations along with it. With the properly changed expectations, recent performance had been pretty disappointing. Still a great season, but crap the bed in the tourneys, and it was all an illusion like some past years
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    No way Joe W leaves...

    True. But, the guys you are referring to are generally supreme athletes. Joe is not. He will or won't be drafted based upon skills. Unfortunately I don't think he has enough skills. Great shooter when not in his head, but has average handles (worse against physical opponents), can only...
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    Garza: "I don't think the effort was there."

    Was the effort bad the entire game? I am asking because I put it on triple fast forward after about 5 minutes of play and didn't really actually watch any of it from that point on, just noticed the score was continually staying bad.
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    new ISU football helmet

    It's marketing. And marketing only works on the stupid among us. What a perfect fit.
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    Kathleen Doyle BIG POY

    Absolute stud!!
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    If looks count,

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    Which is more douchey? Izzo or Calipari

    Biggest douche or biggest slimeball? Slimeball = Izzo Douche = slobbering little Pitino. Dude just has a douche face and can't keep his own spit in his own mouth.
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    Stanley Combine Workout numbers

    College coaches only get so many hours with kids, can only work on so many things. I was initially baffled as well until someone brought up the hour limitations.
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    CJ vs Wieskamp contin...

    It is not the posting of counter opinions, it is the bashing and aloofness of the counter opinions as if they are the be all, end all.
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    Why Evelyn over Toussaint

    In a vacuum, I understand how Fran has handled Joe. He's young and he makes a mistake or two, so you pull them out of the game so we can think about it a little bit. No problems with that. However, if you look at it from a macro perspective, he only treats Joe T that way. Other players are...
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    Tristian Wirfs measurables should help himstay at a tackle (better earnings and pick spot)

    Make me puke!! Then again, maybe he can go to the Browns and play ole with a few DEs and let them break the punk QB.
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    Pemsl Appreciation

    So much this. The vast vast majority of people that drive on suspended or revoked licenses are habitual offenders that do it over and over and over again. Cordell is just at the beginning of that having an OWI, and then driving suspended. I don't dislike the guy, I'm not mad at him, I don't have...
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    I feel like tonight's the night

    Good luck with a full house and a 6 PM tip.
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    John Beilein out at Cleveland

    Agree in who the racists here are. People that interpret everything in terms of race, like the meaning of a word, are the worst of all racists. They think they are on the correct side, yet they see everything in terms of race. Playing basketball is not a right. These are big boys that know the...
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    Defense & Accountability

    Cry me a river
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    Petras has a big arm and his HS coach says he has touch.

    Wife cheat on you or something? Awful fired up and mad about a simple, harmless comment.