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  1. Pepperman

    ***Official Presidential Debate Thread: Trump v. Biden***

    He’s certainly the biggest loser tonight. Mostly because there are a lot more “undecideds” on the moderator, but that’s a fact.
  2. Pepperman

    Nicest hotel you've ever stayed at?

    I am not even sure I can remember my favorites. For the room itself, I’d have to say the Four Seasons Beijing or maybe the Ritz Carlton in Jakarta. Huge rooms, walk in closets, and even a separate powder bath in the Four Seasons. If a resort or family place, the Fairmont on the Big Island of...
  3. Pepperman

    Well Known Physician On Biden

    I assume both of the candidates will be on something. Whether that something is caffeine, another stimulant, a drug that keeps them alert, etc... I’d suggest this has been the case for a long time when old people running for office need to maintain an appearance. I’m aware you’ve already tried...
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    The French’s onions thing - is it possible most of only eat those a couple days every year, and we tend to be stuffed with turkey, mashed potatoes, etc?
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    ‘I Feel Sorry for Americans’: A Baffled World Watches the U.S.

    I realize this comment has already been discussed but I’ll say that I’ve done quite a bit of travel (and to some slightly remote places) and I’ve never once noticed much of a reaction to me that relates to US politics. The one exception was GWB’s Iraq war where I felt Americans in general...
  6. Pepperman

    Police Officer shot in Louisville

    Oh here’s the irony - Dems are purposely trying to get violent and hold the nation hostage with this exact rhetoric - “see, we can’t handle four more years of this!” Most people see through it but it won’t matter as most people also see Trump as a massive disappointment as well.
  7. Pepperman

    Police Officer shot in Louisville

    Two things: 1) you’re lying as I’m guessing you were up in arms about unmarked Feds at the FEDERAL courthouse in Portland... if not, I apologize but I’m about 99.9% sure you didn’t support that. 2) it’s going to be fun tearing into Biden’s responsibility for everything once he’s the POTUS...
  8. Pepperman

    Minneapolis North Principal Speaks Out

    The whole country is watching this crap going on in leftist cities and people don’t like what they see. These people are also aware that speaking out can have grave consequences once the “woke mob” finds out who you are. These people aren’t going to display their support for the right because...
  9. Pepperman

    Classy KC fans booing the NFLs moment of unity

    Do you actually agree with how BLM goes about trying to get everybody on board with their views? The restaurant invasions, violent riots, trying to burn police inside stations? If so, it is you that has the problem. Of course Black lives matter. Instead of thinking every republican disagrees...
  10. Pepperman

    Nice job Joe.

    That’s not stuttering. That’s simply not knowing what you’re saying. Nothing wrong with admitting Kamala is the candidate.
  11. Pepperman

    Recent first hand Covid stories

    Hey by the way... UCLA researchers and colleagues think it was widely circulating in CA back in December. They noted an unexpected 50% increase in patients with coughs and acute respiratory failures from Dec-Feb which is before the first cases were definitively identified. I’ll await the...
  12. Pepperman

    Bands/Artists you hate, but everyone else seems to like....

    Pearl Jam itself needs to be split into eras in my opinion. Ten and VS were both good albums. Vitalogy started to decline and I don’t care about anything after that... Ten itself is tremendous
  13. Pepperman

    Bands/Artists you hate, but everyone else seems to like....

    They never play the same show twice. You can go to their shows and have very little confidence in what they’ll play that night. Even if you do guess correctly on a few songs or usual correlations with songs, the style that night can differ in terms of tempo and perhaps even chord.
  14. Pepperman

    Bands/Artists you hate, but everyone else seems to like....

    1990s artists like Bel Biv De Voe (probably spelled incorrectly), Salt n Pepa, TLC, En Vogue.... All of this was trash.
  15. Pepperman

    Do you know more Trump supporters in real life or on HROT?

    People I know in real life don’t feel comfortable vocalizing it much. It triggers people beyond belief, and irrationally so. Not worth the scarlet letter.
  16. Pepperman

    They really do want us dead

  17. Pepperman

    HROT observation...

    Trying to hold the country hostage... threatening violence if you don’t get your way. Fascism is the word I’m looking for...
  18. Pepperman

    Salem Oregon BLMs get attacked by Proud Boys

    It is also amazing how these homogenous countries can actually agree on where tax money should be spent. It’s almost like their lack of diversity helps them make it work, but that rarely gets discussed either for some reason.
  19. Pepperman

    Dowling vs. Valley

    Dowling fan here. Weird game. Agree the Dowling defense looked good but several quirky turnovers and I had the feeling that if Valley ever scored they might steal the momentum. DCHS offense was prolific in the first half with short passes, and appeared to go into a bit of a shell every 1st...