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  1. ChrisVarick

    ***Official Presidential Debate Thread: Trump v. Biden***

    I don't like Trump but whenever Biden says a number he pauses to think if he just botched it. He's already done it once with the pre-existing conditions and Trump got him on it.
  2. ChrisVarick

    Brad Pascale details coming---Campaign leaked documents on Black Americans

    Trump hardly knew the guy.
  3. ChrisVarick

    Tyrod Taylor

    It would be really hard just to say that they were moving away from Tyrod after the massive mistake by the doctor.
  4. ChrisVarick

    Iowa TE's

    We don't always get the cream of the TE crop out of high school. What we do have is an NFL style system and S&C program.
  5. ChrisVarick

    LMPD declares state of emergency ahead of Breonna Taylor decision

    If I were an insurance company I would have gladly started allowing business insurance policies to expire over the last few months with no renewal option. Charges not being brought was predictable and the millions in damages this week or next should have been foreseen.
  6. ChrisVarick

    Tuesday Practice Photos

    Are these guys going to rob a liquor store after practice?
  7. ChrisVarick

    Easier Than Pimpin'? Seattle Street Czar Gets $150k/yr

    A pimp turned activist who once vowed to 'go to war' with Seattle is being paid $150,000 by the city to work as a 'street czar' and come up with 'alternatives to policing' because he said he can talk to 'gang members, pimps and prostitutes who won't sit down with anybody else'. As part of the...
  8. ChrisVarick

    Civil War: The Way America Could End In 2020 By Glenn Beck

    Garbage sensationalism. There are small groups of protesters in a couple cities getting outsized coverage.
  9. ChrisVarick

    Gordmans to close Cedar Rapids, Coralville stores Sunday

    Yeah you can have Amazon packages delivered there. Will be greatly missed.
  10. ChrisVarick

    Norvell Tests Positive for Covid-19

    Until he is dead next week.
  11. ChrisVarick

    Norvell Tests Positive for Covid-19

    I wonder if they are going to "contact trace"? You would think this would rule out all coaches and players.
  12. ChrisVarick


    Playing in an empty stadium should benefit a first year QB. For bowls the question will be about if they can sell tickets and the TV money. There was a news story that the bowls need ticket sales to turn the profit. If they can't make money they will not happen.
  13. ChrisVarick

    Bars in 4 of 6 counties can reopen at 5 p.m. Wednesday after Gov. Reynolds revises COVID-19 closure order

    If they open up bars on IC on Monday there will be so much pent up demand. It will be slammin'.
  14. ChrisVarick

    Sally is going to be a pain...

    It will stop raining. You just wait and see. The scientists just don't know it yet.
  15. ChrisVarick

    Jay Holstein thread

    I had him for two classes in 97 and 98.
  16. ChrisVarick

    Recent first hand Covid stories

    My son was the CCA positive case that shut the school down for a day. He had a low fever and felt run down for 2 days. Totally fine day 3.
  17. ChrisVarick

    Is KC allowing fans for Chiefs v. Texans?

    High level athletes are not effected by people "watching" them for the most part. The issue is the distraction of noise. In football it would be the QB and line signalling. Putting these stadiums at half or less capacity it going cause little or no disruption. There will not be a "12th man"...