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    Postponing season

    But you’re not the CDC. You treat the stuff people get. You aren’t necessarily all-knowledgeable about the virus transmission.
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    Postponing season

    This ... they played the game without 19 of 22 starters from last year’s team.
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    Dillon Doyle

    Slow Joe...
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    They’d also assume one doesn’t have to be a condescending smart-ass to get that message across.
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    But you just said it’s your great uncle...
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    No football is a good thing

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    U of Michigan Dr.-like OSU's --any info on that?

    100% Political. Trump looks good if they play before the election, as he'll get partial credit by having called Warren about playing sooner.
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    Court Rules B1G Must Provide More Documents

    Agreed! And I love the ignore feature.. used it quickly on that clown lol.
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    Rumors of October Start

    Thanks for reminding me of that!! I also get sick of his nonsense. Ignored ! 🙂
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    Fidone set to commit on 8/26; Final Four (Iowa, Neb, LSU, Mich)

    Hard-core LSU fans I know are convinced Nebraska is the destination. Nothing concrete.. just the main sentiment.
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    New US covid cases peaked July 17th,

    Football is clearly secondary. What really matters is that Biden does not get elected. If that happens, then the US will begin a rapid slide to a very, very terrible outcome.
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    fallout begins...everybody thank mr warren

    To say he only qualified because he’s black is not racists it implies he’s not qualified for the job in any way that would show he’s capable of doing the job. That’s not racist. It a very intelligent view.
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    Big 12 voted this evening to move forward

    95% recovery rate for this virus overall. That’s in ALL age groups overall. Even higher in the college-age group. There are exceptions to everything, and his death is among those exceptions.
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    There will not be spring fball. It’s 10 degrees through March in the Midwest.

    And many of the same people who bitch about people not wearing masks now, will refuse the vaccine.
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    When fall season is canceled, a plan for spring 2021 and beyond

    " doesn't mean our lives should be cut short unnecessarily." Regarding that, COVID-19, at least in the U.S., has well over a 95% recovery rate. Note I said recovery. Not hospitalization. This means that over 95% of those who get it do NOT have their lives cut short unnecessarily. The flu...
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    Colorado State suspends football amid issues of race

    What Iowa players endured isn’t nearly as tough as the military. If they couldn’t handle Doyle then they’d be gone in Day 3 if basic training.
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    Jestin Jacobs

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    T.J. Hockenson, Covid-19

    97% of those getting this recover. Enuff said. Some people die from the flu, too.
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    Husch-Blackwell Report is Out

    Your last two sentences are SO spot on! Very, very well said, and true.
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    Fair article on Iowa football

    Spot on, and I just replied pretty much the same thing!