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    Gary Parrish: Garza admits"it would be hard to walk away,” which makes Iowa a True Title Contender

    Between wrestling and basketball, you couldn't invent sports better designed to spread an airborne virus.
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    The REAL TE-U....yep and it’s NOT Iowa...Miami Hurricanes are TE-U...

    Longest Yard, 3... releasing directly to Spanktervision.
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    Small bump for a 2020 walk-ons (all from Iowa)... is the next impact player in the list? Am I missing anybody? I did see a couple articles about others still deciding. Aaron Blom K from Oskaloosa Jeremy Chaplin DT from Waverly Jake Fisher DB from Treynor Jack Johnson WR from W. Des Moines...
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    SIAP....Band thing investigation is over??

    I didn't see the exit of the band but I did see them walk in at the beginning. They walked, in loose formation, through the heart of tailgate land. They weren't playing or performing on the walk. No way four security people could cover or witness anything along the whole column. I was in Lot...
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    Quinn Early

    There have been a couple ‘Where are they now...’ posts for Quinn Early so sorry for the OFN but last night I watched a Netflix Original movie called Bright and he was the stunt double for Will Smith. Quinn is one of my all time favorite Hawkeyes. NFL talent to high end stuntman, through Iowa...
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    Who wants ISU to beat TCU?

    No. There is no reason for an Iowa fan to wish them success. Ever.
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    Questions about the Hawkeye Express

    Word is they have improvements in the works with the line experience after the game.
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    Very interesting was Shanahan's comments about not "watching the rush". That is CJ both good and bad. "Feeling" the rush might be a different thing. Something to ponder.
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    UI settles with Meyer/Griesbaum for $6.55M

    Let's see.... who's next on the price is right? Kowal? Blevins? Crawford? Dingman? Maybe even Faye Thompson can get a left hook in.
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    Austin Blythe pick up by Rams

    He's just a bit too small. Weight and arm length. Great, great competitor though and one of my favorite Hawkeyes. If heart, technique and character can win a roster spot, it will happen.
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    Meet your new AD

    Plausible scenario from the OP... my wish would be to go get Plonsky from Texas. Other thought, UI President is non-traditional himself as a university president and he might throw a curve ball on the next hire.
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    Jury: $1.4 Million to Jane Meyer

    You don't really comprehend the full picture... sure, this 1.4m is peanuts. We will likely have a civil suit. Then we get to go through the Griesbaum trial.... and if she wins another civil suit, then a whole host of interesting litigation could come at the administration. Rowing, volleyball...
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    Jury: $1.4 Million to Jane Meyer

    The Griesbaum case is going to leave UI Athletics a smoking crater if they don't settle. The articles by Scott Dochterman alone lay out a story juries will eat up if the legal narrative is done right.
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    Jo Bo Joins Only 9 other FRESHMAN players in the History of College Basketball

    Well, I for one appreciate Legends posts. His witty banter and sharp humor are entertaining. I heard he once talked a guy from jumping off a bridge by insulting him long enough he came down to throw down. Just what I heard.
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    Cook and pemsl

    I've been to a few games and have 'seen' what Bulldogs1974 is talking about with Pemsl. My guess is that he's figuring out this next level of physicality and gets frustrated in the moments. He likely enjoyed roughing kids up in high school and rarely met anybody who could escalate and give him...
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    VOTE: Did Fran do right thing by not shaking hands?

    Pemsl wasn't being a saint out there though. Physical play is going to happen. Our young guys need a role model. Keep your cool. React later as you see fit.
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    New Story Wisconsin WR Max Cooper commits to the Hawkeyes

    QB in that film is Ben Nimz '18
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    Tyler Cook

    Can we just Ronnie Lott that finger and get him back in there?
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    Leshun Trucking

    +1 here... that second guy was lucky Daniels was still gathering himself after the first truck or he'd have been looking at the lights for a few.
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    Iowa should reopen offer to Juan Harris

    Nope... bad idea. His actions have spoken as loud as his words. He's mentally weak and will cause distractions. I would much rather Kirk & Co. find an undersized 2/3 star with an exceptional motor and character. I do wish JH success in life and maybe football, somewhere else, will play a part...