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    It is earnings report time...

    Hmm...based on performance they keep saying investors have factored in all the risk but I do not see how that is possible when we really do not know what the long term effects are. I have a small amount I was wanting to invest this week, then also whenever i get my stimulus money, but no idea...
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    Palm Springs airport closed

    I don't know if it's true or not but a co-worker just said that....
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    “A friendly smile in every aisle” days about to end?

    that's nothing to brag about. I pay about $110 for a weeks worth of groceries for a family of 7. You spend $850 at hy vee every month to save $7 in gas money.
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    Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee & the next President of the United States

    not sure what your problem with Booker is-- seems like if all you got is, he is a vegan dating an actress...what? Rosario Dawson is a political activist and progressive. Do you know anything about either of them?
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    New WOB

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    How broad was the Obama administration's domestic spying?

    I don't think Dershowitz has any clue re what Obama did or didn't do. I am starting to wonder if Trump doesn't have something on some of these people. Graham, Guliani. Now D-witz.
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    How important is cross party appeal?

    hmmmm….never heard of this being an issue with male candidates. Interesting. She is running against Joe Biden, yes? For all his faults has anyone ever actually considered this a real problem? Other than this news report about the NYT endorsements I have never heard anyone say anything about...
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    New WOB

    Whatever happened to Matt Teach?
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    Graham tells Defense Secretary Esper he could 'make your life hell' in battle w/ Trump Africa policy

    Lindsay Graham is going the way of Rudy Guliani. Clown.
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    How important is cross party appeal?

    This is where you get the sexism rants from. Guarantee every male candidate is demanding to work for.
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    How important is cross party appeal?

    Nobody is truly trying to get republicans here. We know you will vote for Trump just like all the other Rs-- 90% approval rating with registered Rs which you claim to be. The question is which of the D's will take the fall to avoid Bernie at the top of the ticket. When this same situation...
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    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    yes, most areas in los cabos area are dangerous. Not sure why @WisestIowan would say cabo is 'way' better than Riviera May. I have been to both and would say the opposite. Unless you are into MTV's old spring break beach shows (ie-- you are a teenager).
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    **Official 2020 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Run Thread**

    I have the same reservations regarding murray. i think he is probably better (faster) than blake but would still be a glaring weakness in coverage and would be exploited. hoping for a shot at someone in free agency.
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    **Official 2020 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Run Thread** article on 'draft crushes'. So many WRs out there, i think they would take Murray if he fell, and then go WR in the 2nd. And still add one in FA. Ken McKain – Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma Solid in pass coverage and excellent against the run. Has unparalleled play...
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    **Official 2020 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Run Thread** 3 rounder has K. Murry-- OK ILB Reager-- TCU WR (2nd round, a lot of people have him going in the 1st to Green Bay so this would be a significant drop) Ben Bartch-- OT from....St. John's. That's a basketball school in NY, right?
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    **Official 2020 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Run Thread**

    CBS mock today has DL from TCU-- Ross Blalock-- taken by the Pack at 30. I think building in the trenches is a good idea but i do not know if they need to do this in round 1-- unless they find a way to sign a better ILB and good WR in free agency AND this guy is a monster.
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    Who is the next Donald Trump?

    You brought up the term 'throw over'-- "Republicans have been quite outspoken about disagreeing with him on foreign policy moves and trade and many of his worst statements. But they aren't about to throw a guy over that delivers them 78% of what they like in favor of a Democrat that delivers...
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    Who is the next Donald Trump?

    You are confused. The republicans CAN'T throw him over or they will be replaced with someone who supports (and as previously noted, obeys) him. Replaced by voters, not rumors or statements. Republican politicians are tied to Trump or they get voted out. At the very least, they absolutely FEAR...
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    Who is the next Donald Trump?

    You know what? Take the race thing out of it. 17 other mostly standard and reliable conservatives were taken out because the republican base enjoyed and appreciated Trump's....personality and temperament (putting it nicely here). We all recognize it-- who will duplicate it?