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    Fiesta Bowl: Oregon Vs Iowa State

    I wish both teams could lose.
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    lol @ Whisky

    I didn't know Dukes mayo was made in china?
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    What a turd sandwich.

    You do notice how the video jumps into that part without including the lead up to it don't you? That's how you do it when you want to take things out of context. But sheep like you wouldn't understand that would you? If you're getting your info from google and you tube then you are indeed a...
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    What a turd sandwich.

    Sorry but the loud mouth lib minority always try to weasel in political jabs.
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    What a turd sandwich.

    Have you got a link to when and where he said it was the "dems new hoax" I'd be interested in reading it. Or do you just make shit up as you go?
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    What a turd sandwich. do realize that Robert Ray is dead right?
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    What a turd sandwich.

    The majority of Iowans voted it Red for a reason.
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    Major Explosion in Nashville

    God bless Donald Trump MAGA forever.
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    Major Explosion in Nashville

    I'm sure glad nobody died of covid from the blast.
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    Major Explosion in Nashville

    What does that mean 'Murica?
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    Major Explosion in Nashville

    It'll be really interesting to find out who is responsible and why.
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    Top 3 plays known by simply saying a phrase

    It was a real difficult thing to like a post by you but that was a great play.
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    OT Merry Christmas to my favorite BIG 10 Hawkeye friends

    Man, if I was just 30 or 40...................days younger!
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    Music City Bowl

    If their was a year to get hosed on a bowl game destination then it may as well be 2020.
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    Things less "Rocky" at MSU?

    hahahahahahahahahaha.......our starting QB is looking at a very possible Jan. 1 bowl game. I was almost going to link your amazingly asinine Hawkeye post's to your amazingly asinine political post's but then I just sat back and sipped my Makers Mark and thought how nice it was that Iowa is a...
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    Supreme Court will hear NCAA case on college athlete pay

    Lawyers are chomping at the bit. Talk about infusing corruption into college sports here you go. Follow the money.
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    Gophers can suck a big fat one.
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    Interested in heading South for a football game Saturday?

    The lads would need more time to prepare for such hot weather.
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    Any word on ISM’s injury?

    Name calling? Who's the idiot?