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    Does Ahron Ulis Pass Joe Toussaint on the Depth Chart Next Year?

    Joe T will start and Ahron will play a lot too. Ahron will be a combo guard who can play both guard spots. Joe T is a great defender, and does a great job of getting the ball inside and running the break. Ahron looks like he too will be an excellent defender. I believe Joe T will cut down his...
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    Best Team Since.....

    Ronnie Lester missed almost the entire Big Ten season in 1980 with his knee injury. He returned for the last two regular season games to get us into the tournament, playing at 75 % or less due to the bad knee. They had to beat some great teams to get to the Final Four. However, before his...
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    Hankins coming back

    This is AWESOME NEWS ! Matt was really good this year and with another year will develop into a solid NFL corner. Go Hawks !
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    #1 Waukee (and Payton Sandfort) lost to Johnston at Home

    Would disagree with this statement. I think Payton Sandfort is their best player. Go Hawks !
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    Why no smoke on Bob Stoops for Texas?

    What is Bob, 60 or 61 years old? Does he even want to coach anymore ? His age is probably the reason his name isn't coming up .
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    Julius Brents

    Yes, I wish Brents would stay, I think he would be a 2 year starter after Hankins graduates. I think Julius has a high ceiling and Phil could help him reach the NFL.
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    Clones in Hawkeye-wanna-be black jerseys yet again

    There is no way they should be in the playoffs.
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    Phil Parker

    Well, Bell is pretty damm good. Kirk said he is one of the best receivers he has seen in the Big Ten in 22 years of coaching. I think that loss was more about our defense being without Jack Campbell and Seth Benson in that game and being unable to stop the run in the 4th quarter, and all the...
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    Really hope Gholston and Van Valkenburg come back for another year

    Don't forget Waggoner. I think there is a good chance Van Valkenberg and Heflin come back, but I think Golsten and Nixon will be in the NFL'
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    LB Jack Campbell comparisons?

    Campbell is faster than Kampman was when he played linebacker.
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    Is this the worst the b10 has ever been?

    It isn't just the Big Ten, in this covid year it is pretty ragged all over. Have you checked the big 12? it is really bad.
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    Purdue vs Clemson

    We beat them in football last season.
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    Tony Perkins

    I think Tony is going to be a great HAWK ! He is an explosive athlete that will help the Hawks in a lot of ways .
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    Weezy...What the hell happened?

    Good Grief Man, it's just one game, a tuneup game at that. Weezy will be great this year . GO HAWKS !
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    Monte is an excellent athlete who is a good runner and can catch the ball out of the backfield too. He has a lot of the same attributes that Brady Ross had. We are lucky to have him .
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    Aleric Jackson: Overrated?

    You are wrong. Alaric is playing very well and we are running very effectively to the left this year. He will play for a long time in the NFL. GO HAWKS !
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    Will garza get 557 points

    Does a bear shit in the woods ? GO HAWKS !
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    What a surprise ! aristotleiowa isn't impressed. I highly doubt Bo or Woody could have won this many games at Iowa. Hell, I have no coaching experience and I'm confident I could win big at Ohio State or Michigan. it takes a great coach to have the success that Kirk and Hayden did at Iowa . GO...
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    I think he played very well, you try too hard to find something to bitch about.
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    Yeah, like I said he had a nice pedestrian game, played ok, didn't have to win it.