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  1. millah_22

    The chair of Wyoming Republican Party suggested over the weekend that his state could consider seceding from the union following Congresswoman Liz

    So let’s say they secede, and there is no aggression from either side, what would they even bring to the table to survive as a nation? What exports do they have that the rest of the nation needs?
  2. millah_22

    Classy. President greets President-Elect at the White House! We knew the President would rise above it all and act with class.

    Trump off social media has been bliss the last couple weeks. Also, the spread of disinformation has dropped by a massive 75% since Trump has been booted from social media. That is insane...
  3. millah_22

    Let’s say you own a dispensary...what’s the name of it?

    There's a bar in Corvo connected to a laundromat and it's called Suds and Suds.
  4. millah_22

    Holy crap!!!! Read the SECOND letter!!!! 😳

    The 2nd letter is E
  5. millah_22

    Holy crap!!!! Read the SECOND letter!!!! 😳

    mutt sucked
  6. millah_22

    Subscriptions Everywhere

    OP's dad gave me a gift card.
  7. millah_22

    Holy crap!!!! Read the SECOND letter!!!! 😳

    At first I hated Ted, but then I was really sad when he left.
  8. millah_22

    “CBS fawns over Kamala”

    Yes. He was treated exactly how someone who constantly lies, mocks, and commits double standards should be treated. I would even argue that the media let him get away with much more than he should have. He was not a victim. If he didn't want to be treated poorly, maybe he should have been a...
  9. millah_22

    Panic attack. Anyone get them?

    I only get Panic! at the Disco attacks
  10. millah_22

    Incoming Biden chief of staff on COVID vaccine rollout: 'We're inheriting a huge mess'

    Tbf, we haven’t been shown any reason to believe it’s not a huge mess.
  11. millah_22

    Ben Sasse: QAnon is destroying the GOP from within

    Live by the sword, die by the sword
  12. millah_22

    Smarmy coward who wouldn’t remove Trump a year ago Ben Sasse writes a great essay

    He’s just a rat jumping ship
  13. millah_22

    woodya (if your life was on the line)

    how much money would it take for you to use that, but instead of a toilet you put the other end up OP's mom's ass?
  14. millah_22


    If you want to go the Corgi route, go through a certified AKC breeder and not through a puppy mill. Mills breed for quantity and not quality. It may look good, but temperament is just as necessary for the breed standard as the markings.
  15. millah_22

    Iowa-Nebraska Game Postponed

    How? I get that it sucks, but we're in a pandemic. 4,000 people are dying per day. It's going to happen and this is why precautions like this are taken. We, as Iowa fans, have been incredibly fortunate that the Hawks have been able to stay healthy and no cancellations have been due to them. I...
  16. millah_22

    Iowa-Nebraska Game Postponed

    Sucks, but glad precautions are being taken to keep Iowa's players safe. Look forward to Indiana.