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    Disturbing Trend in Iowa's Recruiting Class

    Nuhbraska. That behavior will win you a Heisman there.
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    Iowa State, the 2020 & 2021 Big 12 Football Champions?

    You might want to try to convince the A/A kids and their parents of the 2022 class that. The 2021 class that once again rejected Clown College didn't seem to buy that narrative of Iowa/KF. And once again, Iowa's recruiting class demolished what Matty Road Rage was able to put together. Now let's...
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    Is Alabama ruining CFB?

    You guys and your lack of parity. Where else would you see a David like the Ragin Cajuns take down a Goliath like ISU in their best year ever?
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    Alabama vs OSU

    The worst Oklahoma team in twenty years that lost to your sorry asses will bypass ND, Clemson, A&M, and OSU? You truly are a special kind of stupid. Hell, acxording to you and your legion of trolls, they didn't even win their conference outright.
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    Alabama vs OSU

    Clowns would, though. Just ask em
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    Alabama vs OSU

    Pretty sure you are on to something. Teams learned how to bypass COVID testing just like they have drug and PED testing. And I don't blame them since college-age people are at less statistical risk from Covid than they are the flu.
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    Is Alabama ruining CFB?

    Oh, the irony. Oklahoma has been the laughing stock of the CFP. OSU competed well with Bama in the first half last night. Bama's offense is one of the best in the history of college football. They would have hung 70 on ANY team from the Tiny 12.
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    Is Alabama ruining CFB?

    Bama will not be dominant forever. Same with the Patriots. Sports are more popular when there are dynasties to love or hate. Best case scenario is having another dynasty to compete with the. The Steelers/Cowboys rivalry of the 70s helped increase the NFL's popularity. Get better, not bitter...
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    Campbell speaking with Jets

    And you doubled down on that. Harbaugh has not beaten OSU and not only did he not get fired, he just got his contract extended. Let's see how long Matty Road Rage is welcome in L'ames when he can't beat Iowa and "only" wins 7-8 games per year. You guys ran McCarney out of town for not being able...
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    Campbell speaking with Jets

    Well they just had the biggest dogshit season of my lifetime and extended boogereater's contract. 100,000 fans in a pre-covid world and smack dab in the middle of one of the best recruiting areas in the country. Texas is the only job in your conference that can compare to what Michigan has to offer.
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    Tristan Wirfs vs Chase Young

    This! That is the challenge in the NFL-stay healthy long enough to get to the second contract and earn the huge money. Wirfs has been the real deal all season. Barring career-ending events, he is on a path to the HoF.
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    Campbell speaking with Jets

    Good NFL teams rarely are looking for new coaches. Any college coach jumping to the NFL is going to a currently bad team.
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    Current state of NCAA football

    And in the case of wrestling, the NCAA has turned a blind eye toward PSU and others creatively bypassing the scholarship limits by allowing booster clubs to pay off wrestler's tuition when their eligibility has expired.
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    Current state of NCAA football

    Bama's current dynasty won't last forever. They had not been dominant since the 70s until Saban showed up. He won't coach forever. Clemson has beaten them twice in the past few years and they didn't even make the CFP last year. I wouldn't have a problem reducing schollies to 70-75 but I suspect...
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    Dominique Dafney

    The Dead had a song that seems to fit that story.
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    Urban Meyer next Jaguars coach

    I agree with you except there is a culture in place at Texas that is going to take just the right individual to correct. I thought Charlie Strong might have been that guy but he didn't have enough coaching ability to compliment the discipline he tried to impose. The inmates have been running...
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    This is why I want fewer bowls

    Totally agree. Iowa got jobbed by the committee as much as Indiana did. They were planning and preparing in good faith for a lower-tier bowl game despite the slight. The "no one wants us there, chip-on-the-shoulder" attitude runs hollow pretty quickly. Indiana WAS a very good team when Penix was...
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    Tom Allen LOL

    Since I couldn't watch the game, which one of their geniuses got an unsporstsmanlike on their last possession?
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    Iowa State Preps for Another Blue-Blood

    Well I will admit based on what the world saw today the PAC is a f*ing joke. If this Oregon team is the best thing they had to offer they should have stayed shut down for the season.
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    So a guy who shuts down his team to avoid getting ass pounded by his biggest rival gets an extension? The state of Michigan is really showing what they are about. Congratulations! The craven capital of the world.