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  1. Bobcat07

    Pence will not attend Trump’s send-off at Joint Base Andrews, officials say

    That picture has been a gift that kept on giving on Twitter the last few years.
  2. Bobcat07

    FSU @ Louisville

    Watching the last couple of teams there is a night and day difference from the teams where they would play superb defense, but you would get those 5-6 minute stretches that they couldn't make a shot to save their lives. I've loved watching how the offense has evolved the last 10 years or so...
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    FSU @ Louisville

    Joe Lunardi currently has FSU as an 8 seed in his bracketology. The 4 letter network only hires the brightest.
  4. Bobcat07

    Lauren "Dyson" Boebert

    She looks like she tries to imitate Sarah Palin way too much. Pass.
  5. Bobcat07

    Anyone else still working from home?

    I've been WFH since I started in June and never got an office. My teammates are spread out across the Central region so I can WFH effectively since no coworkers are in the same city. When I don't go to Delivery Stations for site visits whenever that is reinstated, I will be 100% WFH. I'm a lot...
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    Bill Belichick

  7. Bobcat07

    OSU vs Bama

    I took Trey Sermon over 101.5 rushing yards.
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    Browns vs Steelers

    Watching the Steelers lose is so enjoyable. That fanbase is almost as annoying as the Cowboys fanbase.
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    *** Official New Degen Thread ***

    Ravens TT Over 28.5
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    I took Bills -6.5.
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    What's your favorite cheese?

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    Josh Hawley is not having a great 48 hours

    The quote from Al Franken a couple of years ago is one of the best regarding Ted Cruz, “I probably like Ted Cruz more than most of my other colleagues like Ted Cruz, and I hate Ted Cruz.”
  14. Bobcat07

    Graham found a spine?

    So much this.
  15. Bobcat07

    The world is laughing at us

    Title should be: *The World has been laughing at us
  16. Bobcat07

    Impeachment coming

    Nobody: Conspiracy theorists:
  17. Bobcat07

    Jan 21st?

    I just can't see him still being alive in 3 years at this rate. He's been actively deteriorating the last 5 years in front of everyone and the way he gets angry all the time can't help.