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  1. hawktrooper1

    Iowa's Updated AP Poll History

    Fry and Ferentz are about even on paper in terms of wins and losses and rankings. But consider how much college football and the culture around it evolved from the beginning to end of Hayden Fry’s tenure. How much did the style of play change over his years? How much did recruiting change? How...
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    Kolar For ISU Coming Back

    Kolar is a beast and not sure that coming back for another year will ultimately help his draft stock since speed is his knock. As a RS Junior he's not suddenly going to improve in this capacity. His return, then, can be compared to Luka Garza wanting to return, not to improve draft stock but to...
  3. hawktrooper1

    Kolar For ISU Coming Back

    ANF, short for America Needs Farmers, is a testament to coach Hayden Fry's commitment to Hawkeyes players, fans, and all of Iowa to showcase the importance and strength of farmers, even during the hardships of the Farm Crisis of the 1980s. ANF was, and is, a program to recognize the importance...
  4. hawktrooper1

    *****Official Rodents vs. Hawks Game Thread****

    Any chance the Mini Pitinos come out recharged and swinging after being run off the court by Michigan? Or is Iowa catching them at a moment where they must be questioning how good they really are?
  5. hawktrooper1

    Why not Iowa?

    Why not Iowa? The answer has been on this board for the last 10 years: immobile QB play. The coaching staff has made some positive philosophical strides in order to modernize the program in recent years, while largely remaining true to the things that distinguish the Iowa Hawkeyes program...
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    Nwankpa top 12

    Anyone here have kids? Or maybe nieces or nephews you spend quite a bit of time with? Well, you ever notice there's a tendency to react to a lot of the things they do with statements like DON'T (insert whatever it is they're doing)... And occasionally they ask WHY NOT? And you realize...
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    Based on These Projected Starters, Could the 2020 & 2021 Seasons mirror the 2008 & 2009 Seasons? This Season Iowa was 5th Youngest Team in the Country

    Coaching staff has seen what playing transfer portal roulette can do and they’re hooked. Any depth holes will be filled that way IMO. Passing game can only be better next year. SP should be settled in and the TE/WR corp will be addition by subtraction. Guessing SP felt pressure to get the ball...
  8. hawktrooper1

    This is why I want fewer bowls

    I would say this would be an unpopular take 5 years ago. Today, even before COVID ravaged the season, things were trending in this direction. Jaylon Smith (Notre Dame stud linebacker) shredding his knee in the 2015-16 Fiesta Bowl gave everyone pause because that game meant nothing and he was a...
  9. hawktrooper1

    Nixon and Golston Declare for the 2021 NFL Draft

    I have feeling Chauncey will be one of those Hawkeyes who flies under the radar and manages to stick in the league for 7-8 years, signing one relatively nice free agent contract that earns him $30-40m.
  10. hawktrooper1

    As an Iowa Fan, have you ever teared up?

    To the poster who noted that Iowa is 57th all time in wins, I had to look it up and that’s on the list of all college football programs across all divisions through 2019. Iowa is 35th all time in wins among current Power 5 schools + Notre Dame. FWIW.
  11. hawktrooper1

    CJ Frederick

    CJF seems like the basketball equivalent of TJ Hockensen. As a TE Hock was obviously dependent on his QB to get him the rock and when it was thrown his way he was as reliable a player as the program’s ever had. When he wasn’t thrown to though, he was content to play his role as a decoy or a run...
  12. hawktrooper1

    Smith-Marsette declares for NFL draft

    The egotistical drama queen star wide receiver narrative has been blown out of proportion by sports media because of a few exceptional cases like Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Ocho Cinco and Antonio Brown, to name a few. But the list of exceptionally grounded star wide receivers is much longer...
  13. hawktrooper1

    CBS Mock Draft

    Kiper has him as his 10th overall prospect and DT #1. Wonder if he's getting any pressure to sit out the bowl game and start draft prepping. Would love to see him return next season but the stars are aligned perfectly for an early departure and big payday.
  14. hawktrooper1

    OT-How much cheaper would phone plans and insurance be if they didn’t waste so much money on stupid commercials?!!?

    You don’t understand how sales and marketing works in a capitalist system I take it? Could consider a move to North Korea and have one state controlled option for everything. Would cure some of your free market ills.
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    ESPN Commentator: Iowa State At #6 Is An Embarrassment

    Clemson has zero losses right now in the eyes of the committee. Losing in OT on the road to the #2 team in the country WITHOUT your starting QB, who happens to be the best college football player arguably of the past few years, will be DOA when final resumes are reviewed. Almost like it never...
  16. hawktrooper1

    If Iowa Beats Gonzaga, Is Iowa #1 In The Next Polls?

    This. Being ranked #1 changes everything. Look at football. I was 18 months old in 1985. Don’t remember it obviously. But if anyone ever asks “Has Iowa ever been ranked #1?” I can rattle it off in an instant. It becomes part of program lore and gives fans hope that it could happen again. Shows...
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    North Carolina's Jump In The CFP

    Beating the No. 10 team on the road 62-26 isn’t worth moving up 2 spots. How ****ing dense are you?
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    Indiana Purdue canceled

    Some of you are clearly unaware how this works. The schools DO NOT decide whether they play or not. The conference does. The media reports "School cancels game due to COVID" but it is not true. The conference cancels that school's game. In other words, Michigan didn't cancel the game with OSU...
  19. hawktrooper1

    Worst Thing about ISM Injury

    Here is an 8 minute YouTube video of players doing flips into the end zone or after scoring a touchdown.