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    Flo usually televises all Big Ten meets not on BTN. I assume they have the same contract. Their yearly subscription is the same as a pair of season tickets.
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    Do you think the big10 wrestles this year ?

    There was just a tournament with I assume close to 1000 athletes from all over the country. 0 will die. NCAA needs to figure it out, but I assume they won't make an effort because wrestling doesn't make them money like football does.
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    Recruits/Super 32

    Leading up to WNO CP said on FRL they were aware Ayala planned on going 126 this season, but they liked the match so they did a 125 catch weight.
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    Iowa HS wrestling classes

    For those who have only heard stories about the Iowa State Tournament a lot of the small rural communities literally shut down and send hundreds of people to support a couple kids. Nothing beats day 2 when 1a and 2a are together and you can't find a seat. Except for vets of coarse..
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    Ayala WNO

    He's always been on the smaller side like Drake was. He's always been solid, but to me it seems over the last couple years he's jumped levels. It would have been nice to see how he would have done at Fargo this past summer. I imagine the the battles in the Sebolt room with him and Jesaroga are...
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    Iowa HS wrestling classes

    i agree about sectionals I remember seeing a couple 1a district brackets over the last few years with byes in them. It also has become a trend that long time combined school are splitting because combined enrollment bumps them to 2a. I heard a rumor that was the case when Dever dropped Tripoli...
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    Iowa HS wrestling classes

    Most of the best wrestlers in Iowas history started their careers under 120. The best p4p in the state and top 10 in the country was barley 106 as a freshman. Flo did a piece on this a few years ago (iirc smalls wrote it) and it was crazy how many of the best college guys started their HS...
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    Covid and Iowa high school football.

    Oh, I thought he asked if you had data showing schools being "super spreaders". Such a scary phrase super spreader is, which is a term you used a few posts up. Fear kills too.
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    Covid and Iowa high school football.

    You forgot to post your link like he did.
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    Covid and Iowa high school football.

    That's the point.
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    Covid and Iowa high school football.

    Haha you're are a moron.
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    Covid and Iowa high school football.

    Iowa is on pace to end 2020 with $300 million surplus. During a pandemic I trust Iowans to get things done.
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    Covid and Iowa high school football.

    The majority of people already weren't. They didn't need someone telling them that.
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    HWC Showdown Match Announcements

    Even more interesting because you'd think he'd be bulking for 74 kg. Could he be trying to shrink to 65 again? I would guess not, but strange hes in the 150 bracket.
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    Drake Ayala

    I agree with you. I have seen teams with the 2 piece compression shirts and shorts and guess who hates wearing those? Bigger kids or kids who aren't lean. When the rule changed a few years ago there were quite of few schools wearing two pieces as an extra uniform, but as the season went on you...
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    Sebolt Wrestling Academy

    You can say that about a lot of kids. You asked for an example and I gave you 3 kids off the top of my head that made decent sized jumps. Whatever clicked with each of them I have no idea, but they were all going to Sebolt on a regular basis. I am aware there is a selection bias, but if you were...
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    Sebolt Wrestling Academy

    I never said great, you said that. I said pretty good high scool careers. Off the top of my head I can think of the older Ross kid that graduated from FD, and two that graduated this past year Proffit from CC/WSR and Kallem from Ankeny. I don't know the selection process, but do know he only...
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    Senior Nationals!

    Shhhh. Don't let it get out.
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    Sebolt Wrestling Academy

    I wasn't trying to dispute your comment just stating not all kids start at Sebolt as a state champion or state place winner.