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  1. tWarnerHawk

    Rush Limbaugh is (unfortunately) still alive and is going after McConnell today

    Swedish professional golfer Anna Nordquist? I agree with the others, but have no idea what she did to be put in that group.
  2. tWarnerHawk

    Arrests of the Traitors coming in now

    We have a match.
  3. tWarnerHawk

    We Didn’t start the Fire-Billy Joel

  4. tWarnerHawk

    Who do you most want to see perp-walked?

    I'd really like to see him get blasted in the forehead/fivehead with some eggs or better yet a paintball gun.
  5. tWarnerHawk

    Trump planning a military send off

    Sorry Donald, the US military will be kinda busy defending the country against the Trump army of wackos.
  6. tWarnerHawk

    The Latest Wingnut Defense of Trump

    I do agree that is the best defense yet... we know what a danger he is, so we should have anticipated it. It's the cops fault I robbed the bank, they know what a thief I am and should have been ready.
  7. tWarnerHawk

    Trump to depart Washington the morning of Jan. 20 — before Biden is sworn in as president

    F*ck that. It would be more appropriate to impeach him one more time.
  8. tWarnerHawk

    Trump not paying Giuliani

    Well Trump didn't take a paycheck the last 4 years and given all he has accomplished for our country he's entitled some leeway. signed, dumb maga supporters
  9. tWarnerHawk

    Qanon Traitor Desecration despicable Congresswoman should be arrested

    It wouldn't be the first time she's been arrested. Maybe she'd bother to show up for court this time.
  10. tWarnerHawk

    Special forces got Pelosis Laptop and she is freaking out

    Do you know you're posting false info or do you really believe this? That sign under his arm in the pic on the left is a bunch of Q bullsh!t. He was there counter protesting BLM. I mean do you really not know this??? You have to know this. There are tons of pics and videos of him out there...
  11. tWarnerHawk

    Special forces got Pelosis Laptop and she is freaking out

    Oh yeah, riiiiight.... this is why she wants to impeach him. Not the riot that killed 5 people. What is it with magas when they hear laptop they assume there's something incriminating about it? Could it be all the porn on their own laptops making them assume everybody is a pedophile?
  12. tWarnerHawk

    Still president

    You didn't see the freakshow at the WH immediately before the riot did you? To paraphrase a few things speakers said: 'time to kick ass n take names'; 'fight for Trump'; 'trial by combat'; 'go with strength' and I'm sure many other things just as bad that I missed. Trump himself spoke for 1...
  13. tWarnerHawk

    Anyone catch the Clay Higgins (R-LA) interview on CNN just now?

    That is definitely something a serial killer would say...
  14. tWarnerHawk

    Trump Asks GA Secretary of State to Commit Election Fraud

    This is effed up. We got Trump, and Lindsey Graham a couple weeks ago, tampering with the election, threatening election officials- on tape! and they have the balls to say the democrats were cheating. Wednesday is going to be insane.
  15. tWarnerHawk

    Garza now 2nd all time on Iowa scoring list.

    If my math is right, he's 255 behind Marble. With 16 games scheduled before the post season Garza will need to average 16/game to break the record. If he averages 20/game he will break the record 2/21 vs PSU.
  16. tWarnerHawk

    Duke's Mayo Bowl...

    That would be their starting QB who smashed their trophy.
  17. tWarnerHawk

    Did NW basketball team get out of town last night?

    Before the game they tweeted their bus got stuck at a round-about near the Marriott. Is that where visiting usually stay? Jus curious.
  18. tWarnerHawk

    There are Reports that Joe T was Bombarded w/ Threats, Insults & Personal Attacks after Missing the 2 FTs

    Got to be rival fans trolling right? I hope so. Iowa has a lot of enemies. 1) Even if he made the 2 FT, Iowa doesn't cover the spread. 2) From the message boards, Iowa fans prefer JT to J-bo.
  19. tWarnerHawk

    New Republican Pizzagate scandal

    Don't forget the other 'you people' whine about tan suits and Ed.D's not actually being MD's.
  20. tWarnerHawk

    The deranged lunatic still going at it strong on Twitter

    The more we ignore Trump's insanity, the more it multiplies and that's how we found ourselves in this position where so many have sided with him over our democracy. I know several people who never gave a AF about politics, still don't know a thing about the government or have any ideology...