kirk ferentz

  1. CRazzle

    David Porter was right
  2. SanMateoHawk

    Why Great Leaders Make Big Mistakes: A Study of Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz

    I posted this on LinkedIn for a non-Hawk fan audience. Thought the board would enjoy it: One of the great things about sports is that success is quantifiable and precise. Michael Jordan is not considered one of the best athletes of all time because he had the respect of his teammates or because...
  3. cidsports

    What will Year 22 bring for #13 in College Football in 2020?

    The Athletic article has the good captain at...
  4. cidsports

    Anniversary: 130 years of Iowa, 150 years of College Football

    What a season of reflection, as Iowa finishes...
  5. cidsports

    Thank you Kirk Ferentz, taking that job from Hayden Fry at Iowa

    Enjoying Hayden Fry tribute...
  6. cidsports

    Iowa vs. USC - Holiday Bowl, Friday at 7 pm FS1

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    That's Iowa Football: Competing in each game

  8. cidsports

    Iowa Bowl and Final Top 30 ahead of Army v Navy on Saturday