5 tool baseball players; how many tools for a top football player; how many do we have?


Nov 17, 2021
Baseball players are drafted for speed, arm strength, hitting ability, tracking and catching the ball and some other intangibles per position on the field.

I think they look at potential recruits in football more by position but speed is always a top criteria, quick burst, strength, blocking and tackling, making cuts and taking angles, catching the ball, etc.

The hawks have some all around top athletes so what is your list. Our defensive backs, maybe 6-8 deep, are just great athletes in speed and skills, Campbell and Jacobs have the speed and perhaps strength, lots of great tackling and reflexes taking good angles on the defense. A lot of these guys are at 4 star and some at 5 star levels now, and 6 star for supreme.

Kaleb might have the best speed, cutting, strength, and cutting ability of all the running backs. I havent seen Leshon break one long enough to see if he can outrun a secondary. Our receivers are not the top, top in catching and probably speed. Keegan may be 5 star from what we saw last year. I do not know about the offensive line for strenth and they me very good there but they do not seem to have a quick burst off the ball nor the footwork.

Any thoughts on which hawk players stand out as 5 to 6 tool football players?