Accidentally killing an animal


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Jul 11, 2007
Moles and wasps, however, are messing with my property - I'll do whatever is needed to be rid of them.

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Jun 27, 2001
Coralville, Iowa
As far as wasps and hornets - I kill them all except one, which I let go. Then I kill their kids, I kill their wives, I kill their parents and their parents' friends. I burn down the houses they live in and the stores they work in. I kill other wasps and hornets that owe them money.

Same for pesky houseflies.
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Jun 3, 2002
I become more like this every year. I grew up hunting and still have no problem with other people doing it but couldn't shoot anything now.

I feel terrible now if I accidentally run over a cat or squirrel.
I hunt birds and deer, but not like I used to. As recently as 8 years ago I was shooting 30 to 50 roosters and a handful of quail. Several deer, turkeys, coyotes. I guess it got boring and I would look at the time spent on it, regret not doing other things. As far as guilt, nature isn’t forgiving. I only kill predators or what I’m going to eat.

Tenacious E

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Dec 4, 2001
I just inherited an 8 mo old female ….she crazy
And will become your biggest fan. Like obsessed with you. Female golden doodles are infamous for preferring male humans adults in the household. It is like having a golden shadow.


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Feb 24, 2009
Lol…… when I was in HS, I was driving on a gravel road at night and hit a opossum (I swear animals just look to run in front of me). He wasn’t dead and was clearly in pain so I reluctantly and painfully backed up over him again to finish him off. Felt terrible.
Very similar incident except I LMAO. Gravel road at night and I came over a Hill to see a possum popping a squat in the middle of the road.

No way I was going to serve or even leave the wheel tracks so it got smashed.


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Mar 29, 2002
Snakes all can go die as far as I'm concerned. When in Iraq, if we found a mouse or rat, that sucker got killed. Didn't need the snakes coming after them. I.E., the snakes over there were a little more harmful than a garter snake.

Leaving our neighborhood on Monday there was a huge ugly water moccasin who thought they owned the road. Got into the grass before I could run it over. A black racer, no problem - but a moccasin is bad news. 🐍


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Jan 6, 2005
Jupiter, FL
Leaving our neighborhood on Monday there was a huge ugly water moccasin who thought they owned the road. Got into the grass before I could run it over. A black racer, no problem - but a moccasin is bad news. 🐍
Black racers usually don't hang around anyways. They are off the line by the time the sliding door is closed. But I have seen rattlesnakes stubborn as hell to move along.

I killed a few bufo/cane toads and a Cuban green anole the past year. Both are on the Florida invasive species list and I am doing my job. I did throw them in the freezer to be more humane about it. I will capture geckos and set them free.


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Oct 22, 2003
I would have felt bad for killing the snake. I try not to kill most critters other than bugs and vermin. I usually don't even kill poisonous snakes unless they are a threat. I'm not a hunter, but I will eat venison. Thinning the herd is necessary. I just can't do the deed myself. I've experienced plenty of animal slaughter on my grandfather's farm. It's part of life.
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Rustys Dad

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Jun 19, 2015
Des Moines
I was weedeating today and accidentally hit a garter snake I didn’t see in time. He was dinged up and unable to move his back half. I tried to work out the kinks but he was clearly a goner so I put him out of his misery. Even for something as small and common as a snake I was bummed for a little while. Don’t know how people kill big mammals. (And yes, I know where steaks come from).

Anyone else feel like this or am I just a big softie?
I’ve found the older I get the more compassion I have for any living thing.

Birds, squirrels, etc. I’ve “crossed” over as now I spend a lot of time filling bird feeders… watching said bird feeders…watching squirrels… and doing yard work (more yard work than I’ve ever done)… Maybe it’s getting older and just appreciating “life” around us… Realizing how precious life is…
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