Activist Asks To Lead Satanic Prayer At FL High School Football Game


HR King
Apr 17, 2003
That changes nothing.
Teachers are being told to remove pictures of their same-sex partners from their desks because parents bitched. They're being told to remove books from their class libraries due to parental pressure. It's not necessary that the child felt coerced...a parent who has a problem with a coach coercively leading their child in prayer should be enough for you...right?

Joes Place

HR King
Aug 28, 2003
Parents complain that their kid was treated unfairly and deserved an A in algebra. Does that mean their grade should be automatically changed without any evidence?
If "school prayer" was part of the grade, absolutely.


HR Legend
Oct 16, 2012
Leave because of prayer? Zero. On field Prayer has had met ZERO effect and has caused zero drama my entire career.
To you. You have no way of knowing what all your kids thought. You have Zero idea if if made your players feel uncomfortable a or if they stayed out of fear of retribution.
What I will promise you is no one needs to know their football coaches religious beliefs after a game. The narcissistic nature of putting yourself in a public sphere of a high school football game, where you are the leader, and forcing everyone to listen to your religious views is pathetic.
God never prevented a kid from getting hurt or made you team win. If you believe that is wrong you must consider the opposite position, it would be silly.