After replay: watching Oline and Dline


Nov 17, 2021
In the first half the OLine was really pretty good at run blocking but there were just way too many free rushing Lbkrs and safeties. There were holes from the 5 on 5 blocking but they closed so fast. Some of the better runs were when the hawks walled off their edge contain or Minny didnt have the number advantages with and extra blocker. Very serviceable and the pass blocking was really good especially as far as very few times and hardly at all the OLine was not totally whiffing or getting beat. That gave Petras pretty good protection. Kirk and Brian, with a small lead, were not going to go pass happy to try to take the safeties out of the box so the run game just has to keep plugging along.

I was watching the defensive line for the squareness of their pads to the LOS and if they were the low man. First qtr the defensive line was really good against the run as only a few times did they really get their pads turned a lot and pushed well to the side. In the second qtr you could start to see a few more Dlinemen starting to get turned and really pushed back.

Mo Ibrahim can turn nothing into something as the hawks had him bottled up a lot and he would slide sideways and find a small crease and get 3-5 yards.

I know watching live in the 2nd half that Dline was starting to get turned way more consistently for big gains. We were lucky they were only 1 for 8 passing because they could have play actioned the hawks for some possible big pass plays.
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