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May 2, 2010
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Roughly a third of the population in the US is Catholic. One hundred years ago a Catholic couldn't even be nominated. Al Smith lost the Presidency because his Catholic faith was an issue. Sixty years ago John F. Kennedy had to overcome ignorance and rumors that he would have an actual direct line from the Vatican installed in the White House.
There were two Jewish Justices on the court. Two of nine, which is an over representation when you find out that they comprise about 2-3% of our population. Do I care? Not one bit.
Three of nine - until RBG PASSED - were female. Yet we make up a little over half the population. Do I care about that? Maybe a little, but I care FAR more that any President will have the foresight to nominate supremely (pun intended) qualified and experienced jurists. What they do or where they go on a Sabbath is of no interest to me.
Me either and I am Catholic(not a very good one).
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Jun 28, 2016
Dude, 99% of Catholics (in the US anyway) are “cafeteria Catholics”
Is a lapsed Catholic a Cafeteria Catholic? I'm agnostic/atheist if someone asks me IF I am religious. If someone asks me WHAT my religion is "I was raised Catholic but don't make it to church too often anymore."