As a consumer, are you going to play this game?

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HR Heisman
Sep 15, 2012
Speeds are limited on the internet because bandwidth is constrained and thus scarce.
How does that apply to the acceleration rate this car is capable of achieving? The scarcity is contrived by them deliberately detuning the car unless you pay $100/mo into perpetuity.

Heat requires an energy source and energy is scarce. This is more akin to them telling you that your car has a heater, but you can only turn it above 60’ if you pay a monthly fee. Forever. They’re not providing you anything you didn’t already pay for before the fee.

Groceries, again your attempt at analogy breaks down because there is genuine scarcity in groceries. There is no scarcity equivalent in them letting your electric motor access more of your battery’s stored energy that you paid for.

Keep searching for an analogy, and let me know when you hit on one that doesn’t involve scarcity.
I was kidding. I threw in groceries to try and make that clear.

But it was still no more silly than being annoyed with how a luxury car is being sold
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Feb 5, 2003
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I have a new 2022 Ford Bronco. You can buy a Forscan cable off the internet, hook your Bronco to a laptop and change/enable certain settings that are only available with higher trim packages. “Goat” modes, that essentially change gear ratios, allowing for faster acceleration.
How do you like the Bronco?


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Jan 6, 2005
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Cool your TV that you just bought. Yeah we decided HD cost extra pay up.
Yeah never has there been nested options besides maybe satellite radio. Especially in the engine and performance. I wonder how that works for test drives and what not. Can the dealer easily ratchet the performance?