B1G Tournament


HR Heisman
Dec 18, 2004
Paying work, a high school graduation and furious preparations for a high school graduation party (including family coming in from out of state) will keep me from being in Omaha.

Otherwise, I’d seriously contemplate booking a room in Omaha and setting up camp for a few days.

Love the Mazur v. PSU match-up on Wednesday a.m.

If it plays out to be Rutgers as the opponent in second round, I feel confident that Nedved can bring a strong start.

If Iowa can get past Rutgers and earn the day off before it’s next game, Langenberg’s start yesterday was encouraging. He seemed to rise to the occasion in big games when I watched him at Urbandale and I have confidence that he will be a gamer in the B1G tournament.

Getting to the final four teams will be important. Would make a strong statement.

I feel like there is work yet to be done to secure a bid but tying for 2nd place and getting that RPI into the 50s was a huge step in the right direction.

As for scoreboard watching, we all must hope that regular season conference champions who would get a bid regardless do not falter and “bid stealers” don’t swoop in and snatch one of the 33 at large spots.


HR All-State
Oct 11, 2021
I hate it when I get optimistic as I usually get disappointed but Iowa has a chance in this tournament. They’ve got strong pitching in the rotation and bullpen, that’s typically what wins tournaments like this.

I like Iowa‘s chances against Penn State and it wouldn’t surprise me if Purdue upset Rutgers. But it’s one game at a time. There have been other Iowa teams I thought had a decent chance get swept out of the tournament in 2 games. If that happens here Iowa can forget about Regionals.