Baseball - Iowa at Rutgers - RPI #s posted


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Dec 18, 2004
Iowa picks up 86 RPI points with a win today.
Iowa picks up 12 RPI points even with a loss today.

For perspective, #64 Coastal Carolina is currently ahead of Iowa by 83 points. #64 Illinois is ahead of Iowa by 106 points.

If Maryland beats Illinois, Illinois will lose 20 RPI points. Iowa will lose 7 RPI points due to an Illini loss. Thus, Iowa win + Illinois loss will equal Iowa being neck and neck with Illini on the ladder.

Of further note, Rutgers currently sits at #49 in RPI. Iowa trails them by 251 points. A Rutgers loss to Iowa today would see them losing 47 RPI points. In other words, Iowa could cut Rutgers’ RPI a lead by 50% by winning today.
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Nov 25, 2021
With Western Illinois on the horizon if Iowa could find a way to win the series then that would be big.
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