Best way to handle this family situation?


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Dec 2, 2021
is your mom a MILF? If so, I'd like to help, kinda' consider me the "middle man"
We'll get it worked out...even if I have to take your mom to that upstairs room....


HR King
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Honestly didn’t even think about asking if it was ok to take a video of the fiancé doing the work. The parents told me to have fun when the project started. Dad was getting his upstairs remodeled and it wasn’t costing him a dime. Also, I had to hire a plumber to run new plumbing to the upstairs and to the sink, toilet, tub.

so after the plumbing and the two new windows I bought for them because the others were broken, the end result is a mad mom because there is a 1 second picture of what it looked like on the video.
Don’t listen to the pissants giving you guff- you did a nice thing and were proud of the work so showed it off on social media - no shame in that.