Big time donors for the Iowa program


HR Heisman
Nov 4, 2004
I think if this shit show keeps up you’re going to see some big time generous donors of Iowa Athletics will drop - and the fact ticket sales will drop next year if not this year I see so many tickets for sale online… This is all about being to stubborn to make a change and that’s not going to change … if Nebraska can afford to let go Frostickles I am sure Iowa has a somewhat of a budget to get someone new on the helm ….

I think our future coach is already in the sidelines with Levar Woods … just my opinion but for gods sake make the change at QB! Make the dans who pay and pave the way for Iowa football!
Woods would be my choice also
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Heathen Raider

Dec 15, 2021
Woods should already be on notice that unless he steps on His own junk He is the next Head Coach to keep Him from taking another job and it should be in writing.
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