Bison Gores a Woman Who Approached in Yellowstone National Park

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HR Heisman
Mar 24, 2016
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HR King
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Jan 30, 2008
The ranger at Custer state park said when the herd gets too large, they sell off a few. So, I assume the bison in question might end up as bison burger.
I’ve posted this before. We went to Wind Cave a few years ago for a day. We get out of the car to hike a trail, and up ahead of us I see what I initially think is a boulder. The. I realize the boulder is moving. We were 100 yards off at least, but I stopped the hike right there. We reversed course and from a slight draw to our side I see another buffalo coming into view. Probably 75 yards off, but I just calmly accelerated a bit and made for the trail head.
Driving around afterwards we came on a few munching on grass by the road. There was a bull that looked like he could have shoved our car off the road. No leaning out the window and picture taking for us.


HR Heisman
Mar 11, 2010
Circa 1990 I was at a last day of school picnic where they bussed the whole middle school to Osborne nature center, near Elkader, to tube in the Volga River.

They had a several acre pen with a Bison herd. You had to walk along the fence to get to the upstream point of the tubing run. Several of the older kids were actively taunting the bison, even throwing firecrackers. The animals were MAD; they were charging the fence, and I saw nails popping out as they slammed into the fence. After that, we mostly stayed far away from the bison pen. I guess I had more sense as a 12 year old than the unfortunate Yellowstone gal. (And I assure you I was pretty dumb back then). I think in general, people today have a lack of safety awareness—perhaps an assumption that the teeth and claws have been removed from the world around them.

I believe the whole herd drowned a couple of years later when the river flooded.


HR Legend
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Dec 7, 2006
Well yeah but you're an asshole who should go to jail on general principle whether you stab a woman or not.

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