Block, run, catch, tackle, kick, throw, protect- Iowa will do better


Nov 17, 2021
The hawks are playing very sound football right now. I haven't watched much of Nebby this year but it is still sort of a Scott Frost team and they were not fundamentally sound early in the year and over the past 8 years of so.

Is Nebby's character still to be weak on the defensive side and mistake prone on offense? If the hawks are really good with the fundamentals and pretty mistake free I think they win by 10. I think the hawks are hungry to establish that running game that last week got about 100 yards by the running backs. They and the offensive line want more. If Nebby crowds the LOS I think the passing game can click with some of the crossing and out patterns that are being used and those seam routes.

Go hawks and beat the crap out of Nebby.