Brian F and the WR screen to Laporta with 10:30 or so left in 2nd qtr; bad play design and coaching; new QBs


Nov 17, 2021
A coordinator and QB coach who does not know how to coordinate, scheme and coach a simple play. You all know the play I am talking about. The hawks had their first drive of the first half going and had 3rd and about 5 at the OSU 30 or so. The call all the way is Laporta split out wide with Lachey in the slot for a quick pass to Laporta where Lachey needs to block the corner.

First off, a lot of teams run this play but the potential receiver almost ALWAYS takes a step or two toward the QB to give the blocker, like Lachey, and angle and close the yardage to make the block. Laporta didnt move toward the qb and Lachey could not physically get to the corner to block him.

This play failed because Laporta didnt give Lachey and angle to make the but the coaches have to coach up this team and design plays that work.

Also give Padilla and Labas the 2nd half