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Jul 18, 2005
When is UCLA day on BTN?
On the ESPNU channel on Sirius radio the BTN guy basically said they aren't going to talk about them in reference to their games. On their signing day show they will talk about who they sign since those guys will be playing in the B1G for the most part eventually.
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Dec 12, 2001
Iowa has had better teams since 1981, but that season was magical. It will always be special to the fans who experienced it.
I was also a freshman in the student section in 1981.

To put some context (for those not old enough to have experienced it) to the finish of the regular season: We were absolutely ecstatic to be going to the Liberty Bowl (any bowl!). 6-5 and no bowl would have been a great thing. Then, in seemingly a flash, it turn into "No, not the Liberty Bowl, the Rose Bowl!".

To put in a modern context, it would probably be like Illinois making the college playoff this year, while beating non-conference foes Clemson and Oklahoma.