Buttigieg: U.S. may act against airlines on consumers’ behalf...


HR Legend
Sep 26, 2009
The TSA is (mostly) incompetent but still less incompetent than private security that preceded them. One time I flew from BWA and was taking crabs home on ice in a box. Those days, these things were possible. The lady, prior to TSA, says and I quote "wow that's a lot of spiders." Yup, I eat spiders ya dumb .... This being Maryland spiders are a huge delicacy.

And as to mandatory retirement age, many professions have this and I have 0 problems with it. Zilch. Most countries have mandatory retirement for pilots. There is a reason for this and the analogy to surgery doesn't hold. A surgeon cannot kill 300 people at the same time; a pilot can. It's about scale. Pairing an aged pilot with a younger first-officer is not the same thing. These are not titles that have parity and usually (see Air Disasters) co-pilots obey pilots to the T. This often results in catastrophes. See for example Panam and KLM, Tenerife (still the most deadliest crash between two aircraft in human history).

And in both professions, whether surgery or aviation, it's a balance between mental acumen, physical skill and experience. For example, I don't want Mr. Magoo as my pilot nor do I want Dr. Parkison's to reattach my retina.

I'm glad the TSA is there. If they want to see what's in my underwear go nuts. It's better than getting blown up or flown into a building.