Calculated Risk, among other things…


Sep 20, 2009
Coach Ferentz says that the offense isn’t supporting Petras enough. The performance of OL supports that. The perennial lack of playmakers at WR supports that. The lack of a consistently explosive and deep backfield supports that.

In recent years the Hawks have had at least 2-3 playmakers. This year I was hoping for 3-4, but Jones left and we’re thin in the receiving corp — once again.

So, yes, there are reasons that Petras underperforming. That said, trotting him out there each and every series is probably just hurting his confidence. It may make sense to give another QB minutes to see if there’s a gamer on the bench.

At the very least we need a deep threat, like Vines on the field to open up some of the intermediate routes. So we can take some more calculated risks. Because overthrowing the check down or crossing route is dangerous too.

At this point in his career Petras should be able to pick apart an average defense and should show a consistent high level of play. If he was playing any other position he would be benched. But, I’m sure the coach think is ‘we want him to know he’s our guy’ , which is looking like a huge mistake.

Georgia Southern. Pair their offense with our defense. Hawks could contend with something like that.
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HR Heisman
Nov 13, 2014
It was painful to watch GA Southern’s QB rip NE to shreds. I suspect he’d give his left nut to play for a Big Ten program with Iowa’s tradition, and with all due respect to Petras, that GA Southern kid is dramatically better. Even given our lousy scheme, horrific O-line, and lack of talent at WR, I have no doubt that that kid’s mobility and accuracy would have helped us get the W yesterday.
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