Can't say enough good things about these Hawkeyes and that win today


HR All-State
Apr 1, 2021
Down nine with about 4 minutes left, the Hawkeyes looked doomed. They kept hanging around and then, all of a sudden, Indiana scored 5 in about 20 seconds, and most teams would not have been able to come back. But Iowa is not most teams.

Tremendous clutch play on D by everyone, and incredible, ice-in-the-veins shooting from deep by Keegan and, of course, that horrible JBo. Everyone, as has been the case the last 12-13 games, helped win this one, but that JBo dagger will go down in history. A fitting moment for #3 in an up-and-down bonus year.

Fran has been brilliant, and his 10-deep Hawkeyes will not be intimidated, will not quit, and don't care how often they are overlooked. One more to go, then on to make more history in the NCAA. What a great team to watch. What a great team to cheer for.


HR Heisman
Jan 27, 2013
That's not a game that you would have seen previous Fran teams come away with a W. B-ball is all about getting hot at the right time for the tourney. This is the first time that I can remember in a very long time that Iowa is one of THE hot teams that is peaking at the right time. Very nice to see.