Chinese technology exports to Russia have fallen sharply, U.S. says


HR King
May 29, 2001
Chinese technology exports to Russia plummeted in March after U.S.-led sanctions took effect, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said Tuesday, a sign that Beijing at least initially was complying with aspects of the trade prohibitions.
Chinese shipments of laptops to Russia fell by 40 percent in March compared with February, while exports of smartphones were off by two-thirds, Raimondo told reporters, citing the most recently available China trade data. Exports of telecommunications network equipment fell by 98 percent, she said.
Whether China is helping Russia withstand sanctions has been an open question for Western policymakers. The new figures suggest Beijing is reluctant to do so, perhaps out of fear of U.S. retaliation on Chinese exporters.
The sanctions require companies worldwide to abide by the ban if they use U.S. manufacturing equipment or software to produce computer chips. Most chip factories around the world, including those in China, use software or equipment designed in the United States, analysts say.
“I’m often asked, you know, are these export controls working? And I think the answer is an unmitigated, unqualified yes,” Raimondo said.
Last week, Raimondo told a Senate committee that Ukrainian officials had reported finding computer chips intended for household appliances in Russian military equipment.
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