Close games-types of wins and losses by Iowa


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Nov 17, 2021
The recent thread about Kirk's record in games decided by 7 points or less led me to do some research. I have always been of the mind that Kirk losses more games he should win than those that he wins when the hawks should maybe lose.

I came up with these descriptions for these types of games.

A = Iowa wins later comeback
B = Iowa comeback failed
C = opponent wins in comeback
D = opponent comeback failed

So far I have looked Kirk's first five seasons. I found 21 games that were close. Here are the number that fit this criteria before I go on to the rest of the seasons.

type - number of games
A = 4
B = 6
C = 6
D = 5

It is pretty even but the hawks come out on the bad side 12 to 9 games. Three of the four Type A games with Iowa comebacks were in 2003 as you would expect them not to comeback much the first two years. Six of the first 7 and 11 of the first 14 of these game types were Iowa losses as the players and coaches were learning how to win. But then the power of Iowa football really showed up in 2002. 2001 could have easily been a much better year heading into 2002.

Your thoughts on any of these games listed below? I will continue to note these games for the rest of the seasons.

Date Opponent Score W or L Type of win or loss Description
sept 11 1999 Iowa St 17-10 L B = late INT by Iowa was fumbled
oct 16 1999 jNW 23-21 L C = td by jNW qb with 4 secs left
oct 23 1999 Indiana 38-31 L B = late INT by Iowa was fumbled
nov 20 1999 Minn 25-21 L C = Minn has last 4 scores including 10 pts in the last 10 9 min
sept 9 2000 W Mich 27-21 L B
oct 7 2000 MSU 21-16 W A
oct 28 2000 Wisc 13-7 L B
nov 4 2000 penn st 26-23OT W like L D ******* - Iowa lost lead and tied
nov 18 2000 Minn 27-24 L C = Iowa loses late 12 pt lead
sept 29 2001 penn st 24-18 W D
oct 13 2001 msu 31-28 L B
oct 27 2001 mich 32-26 L C
nov 3 2001 wisc 34-28 L B
nov 24 2001 isu 17-14 L C Iowa loses tie game to FG
dec 29 2001 TX Tech 19-16 W D iowa holds on
sep 7 2002 MiamiOH 29-24 W D Hawks lose 1st half lead, get lead, hold on
sep 14 2002 isu 36-31 L C Uhhhgggg!!!!
Sep 28 2002 penn st 42-35OT W like L D *******big hawk lead evaps but they win in OT
oct 5 2002 purdue 31-28 W A Hawks lose 1st half lead, get lead, lose lead and win
oct 4 2003 mich 30-27 W A
nov 22 2003 Wisc 27-21 W A​


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Oct 26, 2022
It's how Kirk plays, NFL type. Run clock, back pedal D. Works vs bad teams or OK teams at home. Sometimes vs bad teams on road. Rarely vs decent and good teams on road. Never vs very good teams on road.
Just an awful road program, always has been.