Could the future of NCAA athletics be seen in the LAX Championships?


Dec 2, 2010
I understand that Lacrosse may not be a favorite among those here on an IOWA board, but up here in the Northeast it is pretty big. There was some connections/similarities that had me thinking.

The quarter Finals, Rutgers was playing Harvard. Rutgers obviously being a B1G school caught my attention with 17 (yes SEVENTEEN) transfers on the roster! LAX is similar to Wrestling as far as amount of D1 Teams with 70. It is also a sport with strong followings by those who played. Roster size appears to be around 40-50 players.

I do not mind the Portal, but jeez, where does this end? It appears that there needs to be some kind of rules put in place otherwise with NIL added in, once again, I see no way to have any kind of parity whatsoever. You will either have the funding to be a team at the top, or you will be looking up!