current/future Hawks registered for U23'S and U20's(jrs)


Jan 21, 2019
Currently a big crop of Hawks/future Hawks registered for U23's and U20's(jrs)

It's a bit confusing on who would represent the World Team as each age group is different, but here goes:

For U20's(jrs) the winner of the upcoming WTT will take on the winner of the already held Jr. US Open in a best of 3 finals.

For U23's, the WTT champion is technically only 4th in line for the U23 world spot. Anyone that is age eligible that place(d) top 3 on the Senior side(Final X, WTT Challenge) would get the spot above the U23 Challenge champ. At some weights(will check it out at some point and post) the U23 spot already has someone that could take it if they want. Other weights are wide open yet.

On to Hawks registered:

U20"s (Jrs)

Nate Jesuroga 57kgs
Caleb Rathjen 70kgs
Aiden Riggins 74kgs
Kolby Franklin 92kgs
Ben Kueter 97kgs *sitting in finals as he was the US Open champ*


Drew Bennett 65kgs
Cobe Siebrecht 70kgs
Bretli Reyna 70kgs
Patrick Kennedy 74kgs
Joe Kelly 74kgs
Brennan Swafford 79kgs
Abe Assad 86kgs
Tony Cassioppi 125kgs
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